Counties and Municipalities Will Be Eliminated

The primary moral imperative of saving life on earth requires the elimination of unnecessary human activity or global dying will eliminate all human activity. Every unnecessary and/or human activity increases the amount of CO2 sinning that is killing life on earth. Efficiency is a must that requires de-timing and re-timing all human activity.

Counties and municipalities will be eliminated when when the establishment of the Manheaven Project at the local level allows creation of authorities for the limited, shared activities between blocks, areas, wards, elements, highlands, districts, statas, regions and terras.

An asset transfer process will manage re-assignment of public tools to solve problems--see AssetTime.

With promotion of E Pluribus Onus, capitalism per capita , and better democracy, the need for many services will be lessened. With full employment from workweek adjustment (see 24 in 4), the problems from people being unemployed, underemployed and misemployed will vanish thus eliminating the public agencies that maintain the methadone and warehousing of the these problem-associated person. Likewise, with universal education from a globalized standardized on-line system, the need for public taxation and CO2-sinning buildings will decrease.

Controlled Depopulation will reduce the need for many services as well as elimination of services that have required public oversight. The alternative is chaotic Depopulation from which no organized effort to save life will be possible.

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