Presidency, Five-Year Term

Please note how the following will dilute bipartainship while training the office holders through a progression of duties.

  1. Each year a new entry-level president will be elected who progresses through five-promotions of one-year duration:
    1. Legislative Vice-President
    2. Press Vice-President
    3. Administrative Vice-President (aka, chief of Staff)
    4. Governing President (akin to English Prime Minister)
    5. State President (akin to English Monarch)
  2. The brainbee primary begins on July 4 with weekly voting cycles.
  3. The State President
    1. has final authority except when any one of the five members of the Presidium can call for a presidium vote upon an action by another member of the presidium including the President, and,
    2. has power to call for Congressional Vote on dismissing positions 1 to 4, 75% majority required for this impeachent.
  4. Cabinet positions are filled through annual brainbees with the seven finalist being voted on by the Presidents and Vice-presidents, one vote each. If one of the seven does not get a majority then the top two are voted on. Cabinet positions are for four years with a progression through the first four positions of the presidency: Legislative, Press, Administrator and Governing.
  5. Ambassadorships are filled through a similar process to the cabinet secretaries.
  6. Monthly brainbee'd pardons are voted by all members of the Presidium. A majority is required for a final pardon.
  7. Citizen legislation will be forwarded to Congress based on the 3/5's majority with each person having the option of writing pro or con opinions in a manner akin to how the Supreme Court Justice write rulings in agreement or dissent.
  8. Women 50/50 will apply, that is, the candidates annually alternate between males and females.

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