Travel Tax: It Cost Time

People who travel great distance to work are worse CO2 sinners than those who live close to where they work. Because we are all collateral damage of the friendly fire of the CO2 holocaust burning up life on earth, we all have a right to curtail the actions of others that are killing us--see Kargo Container Killers and Petrophiliacs. An escalating tax in time per mile traveled needs to be implemented to discourage people from commuting long distances to work.

This tax is the stick half of a carrot and stick approach to curtailing CO2 sinning of traveling to work. A job exchange form is provided by which people can enter their SIC code and postal code to find similar work closer to home through a job exchange.

Since relocation is a CO2 sinning activity, a tax will be enacted on people who relocate based on the distance of the relocation.

All travel will be taxed by CO2 sinning retroactive based on data mining . Those who travel as part of the cost of wants, wastes and lies will be taxed more than those who travel as part the economy of needs for the cost of living--see Cost of Humanity.

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