History of Greater Primary Laws

  1. Lincoln Gettysburg Address: Declaration vs. Constitution (see 091124 articles on lincoln)

Rules: General to specific

  1. Anyone directly or indirectly guilty of increasing population or lifespan will be euthanized for committing a crime against life on earth.

When we do not do what is right we suffer what is wrong. Repeated efforts to codify rightful actions are hallmarks of human history. \

  1. Greeces laws and ostracism.
  2. Rome's many legislative bodies and exiles ...
  3. England's Magna Carta.
  4. Declaration of Independence
  5. U.S. Constitution

The relationship of the latter two are very important in establishing the power of the primary moral imperative to trump all existing written or unwritten laws. In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln asserted the primacy of the Declaration over the Constitution with former being the bedrock of principles for the latter's working, dynamic nature. For Lincoln, this relationship was morally established in the mid-1850's when he realized with the Dred Scott decision that Constitution was flawed: It allowed slavery of, by and for some while the Declaration called for recognizing equality of all. The fluid nature of the Constitution is inherent in its elasticity by amendments while the Declaration has not been amended. The founding document of the U.S.A. is moral statement while the Constitution is a legal contract. Morality, espeically the morality of more time, is absolute while contracts come and go. Because the U.S.A. has failed to implement daily laws to reflect the Declaration in defining elections and economics, the Constitution will fade as the U.S.A. fades.

The primary moral imperative underlies and transcends the Declaration of Independence. Observing it, we will do right and live. Ignoring it for lesser human laws, we will suffer the ultimate wrong, the death of life on earth.

In summary, if you know of a greater primary law than the primary law of saving life on earth, I'd like to know it.

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