Vote Better Everyday

More important than who we vote into office on election day is how we vote with our time and money between elections.

  1. Just because habitual politicians for campaign donation vote "favored nation" status on cheap foreign goods it does not mean we have to buy the cheap goods. Remember, when you buy foreign goods you are voting for your children having no reason to learn nor any job opportunities because you have voted to send jobs to foreign workers. To paraphrase the leading retailer who sells 10% of China's goods, "Save money, Suffer sooner."
  2. Just because habitual politicians legalize more and more forms of gambling, it does not mean that you have buy a lottery ticket. When you do, you vote for the preposterous belief that a nation can gamble its way to prosperity. Why is America going in the wrong direction? People distract themselves with wanting something-for-nothing as they drive the nation into the ground. How people vote with their time and money is more important than politicians laws.
  3. Just because habitual politicians fund habitual play in the way of million dollar player salaries does not mean you have to vote for the play pathos over the work ethic by buying a ticket and sitting in the stands.
  4. Just because habitual politicians legalize slavery does not mean you have to be a slave owner.
  5. Just because habitual politicians encourage ignorance does not mean you have to ignorant in your time and dollars.
  6. Just because habitual politicians, funded by fossil-fuel fools, subsidize low energy prices does not mean you have to burn as much as you afford today: Each CO2 molecule combusted incurs a long-term debt in the cost of global dying: Save money, suffer sooner.
  7. Just because it is legal does not make it right. If wrong yourself and others with your time and dollars under the false claim of right, you are still self-wronged.
  8. Why is America going in the wrong direction as the existential meltdown accelerates? Because Americans stupidly vote for decline with their time and dollars.
  9. Gandhi and King, among many, have shone how peaceful boycotts (English textiles and Birmingham buses) can change the political winds for economic prosperity and political justice. Boycotts are people voting with their time and money by sacrificing in the short term to avoid worsening long-term suffering.
  10. The "Occupy this or that" movement is worse than a silly waste of time. It fuels the divisive fires of ignorance. It is made up of people who clearly chose to vote for economic and political conditions that are captured in the expression, "All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised."
  11. In summary and repetition, "More important than who we vote into office on election day is how we vote with our time and money between elections."

Boycott :  Boycott vs. Protests/Riots

  1. Protests are pity party social networks in which people confuse finding "misery likes company" as a solution: As Henry Kissigner said, America is so big that anyone can find a group of similar values, good or bad values.
  2. If you are not willing to sacrifice wants today to avoid suffering tomorrow then you will suffer. More generally, if one does not do what is right then one will suffer what is wrong. (Note, right and wrong is defined not in old half-Goddist value systems but in timistic quanitfication of creation/cancering of time.)

Time Management: Government is a time manager in all of its actions (laws, regulations, taxes and examples). If you want smaller government then manage your time more productively, that is, pro duce wherein you are a self forward leader. People do not do the right thing for themselves and others for one or more of four reasons: stupid, naieve, igknowant, and dishonest.

All too often the road to hell is paved with the good intentions of bad values or bad information. Via brainbees in general and this one in particular, hopefully the average iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence) will be raised so people self-lead in avoiding the saltwater solutions to their problems. You cannot be a victim if you avoid the victimizers. If you will not govern your time to be freer of your problems, don't expect others to do it for you.

Boycott Brainbees

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