Save Your Computers for Global Democracy and
the Manheaven Project

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Many years ago before computers, private and pubic pensions were pen and paper propositions. Simple question: Would rather have the pen and paper pension of your grandfather or the pensions of today's supercomputers? There is the attitude that more technology will save us from ourselves. Really.

  1. Has cellphones improved or cheapened human communications, e.g., sexting, driving, cheating, etc.
  2. Has high definition TV improved the medium is the message?
  3. Has medical marvels worsened the number one problem to all human problems--overpopulation--which is the cause of accelerating CO2 sinning and global dying?
  4. Has Netflix improve human problem-solving, or, like cellphoning while driving, distracted us from our problems? (Ignorance is bliss until the ignored problems blitz you.)

There is an old saying that if you always tell the truth then you only have to remember one story which makes life a lot simpler. Similarly, in politics, business, finance, religion and other human endeavors, failure to keep things honest has introduced all kinds of unnecessary complexities that require, if computerized, bigger and faster computers to handle all "lies." Lies? Yes, given that the cost of humanity has two parts (cost of living and cost of lying), most computerization is for the lies of life, e.g., Wall Stealing, gambling, gaming, pornography, etc.

Lies are evil in nature. As such, the fabrication of subsequent lies to justify or hide the first lie constitutes evilution. Hitler was known for numerous Grosse Luge from which the ugly edifice of Nazi eviluted its fatal business upon humanity. Ironically, one of the biggest impetus to computerized data processing was initiated by the Nazi regime to track down Jews with tabulators purchased from the IBM company--definitely evilution.

Consider the massive computer needs of the US federal government which are based on centralized processing and control of the U.S. population. Amusingly, the computerization has become so complex that the systems are either delayed or abandoned, e.g., FBI's $450 million Sentinel system. Which is better and cheaper? Trying to computerize all the lies of life or simply the truths. If it is the latter, how do we do it? (The need for a massive crime and terrorism network reflects the violation by the habitual politicians of a simple truth: When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police. Democracy--the ultimate form of human productivity--is not failing us; rather, politicians pursue partisan despotism instead of policy-making democracy. We could our direct and indirect tax burden if we had new faces for old problems instead of old faces for old problems.)

If one simplifies one's information processing to the necessities of life (cost of living), one can eliminate more than 95% of information. One can have simple solutions. One can live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap. For instance, if one realizes that TV is an insiduous intellectual cancer, one can suddenly have an extra ten or twenty hours of human freedom for self, family and community. (If this writer were a couch potato, he would have not have the time or iCube for timism.) Likewise with public policy-making, we can have more for less if we are honest in defining the cancerous lies of our public and private time. How we vote with our daily time is more important than how we vote on election day.

For the Manheaven Project to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--the tools of timism have been developed to manage at an ever lower cost the public and private problems of humanity: legislation, helpwanted, currency, pensions, healthcare, brainbees, votetime. These tools implemented within the guidance of level rights (where power and duty to solve problems are assigned to right level [e.g., global, national, state, district, high, elementary, and individual]), need very little computer power which is why you should save your old computers for sale to the Manheaven Project.

Save your computers for use to save life on earth ... the primary moral imperative.

Also see Dumb Computers

Quality Control Tools for Higher iCube ... Frog Leaping.
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