Cruise Ship Morality

What one can do on a cruise ship depends on many things. Where it is traveling--North Pole is different than equator cruises. Disney's family cruises have different "can do's" than "singles only" cruises. But one thing echos how the cost of humanity has two different parts, the cost of living and the cost of lying.

Upon a safe, bouyant cruise ship, one's self-lies of wants and waste can be indulged without life threatening consequences. Oppositely, whether a family or a sex cruise, indulging in wants is a killer if the ship is sinking. Upon becoming aware that a cruise ship is sinking, the cruise is over if one wants to optimize one's chances of living.

As has been seen repeatedly in similar situations on boats, floods, fires and volcanos, many are the deceased who wanted to keep pursuing their wants before their needs. Must save something. Must keep gambling. Must keep entertaining. Must keep ignoring. Must keep playing. Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at?

Sadly, many meaningful people trying to save a sinking ship did not have the help of fellow passengers at the pumps. Even worse were those who sought to keep funneling energy and resources into their lies of life upon which their false happiness was based. Not unexpected, when the sinking was so obvious that a blind, deaf mute would feel the rising cold waters, the players started demanding first class seating on the lifeboats. Among these players are ones who actually worsened the situation causing the ship to sink faster, e.g., petrophiliacs.

Cruise ship morality is situational ethics, that is, the ethics of what one should do can be determined by situation, e.g., cruising or sinking ship. Unfortunately for life on earth, too many people refuse to believe and investigate the possibility, probability and actuality of global dying. They cruise on killing life on earth rather than pursuing the primary moral imperative.

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