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1 010504 htm USAToday Expanded401k May Not Help Workers
  1. Despite the promise of higher 401(k) plan contribution limits in a bill that passed the House on Wednesday, few workers may actually be able to take advantage of them, experts say.
  2. The bill also contains a provision to help older workers catch up on their retirement savings. It allows workers 50 and older to contribute up to $20,000 a year.
  3. The purpose of the non-discrimination test is not to punish high-income workers but to prompt employers to do more to encourage the rank and file to participate in a 401(k) plan.
  4. [Give me a break.--RSB]
2 010709 htm NYT 401k Losing Money
  1. For the first time in the 20-year history of the popular 401(k) retirement savings plan, the average account lost money last year, even after thousands of dollars of new contributions.
3 020526 htm NYT Illusion401k Worth
  1. Let's be clear who we mean by middle Americans. They are not the 20 percent of all households whose breadwinners are paid $75,000 a year or more. Those households have increased their total wealth since 1983, the starting point of Mr. Wolff's study. Many have never been richer. That is not the case for the median household, with an annual income of $50,000 or so.
  2. He calculates that the median wealth was $162,800 in 1998, the last year for which government wealth data is available. Adjusted for inflation, the same calculation for that age group in 1983 produced $188,100 in wealth at the median. (Half the households had more, half less.) That is a 13.5 percent decline in wealth, and the loss was similar for almost all the households with annual incomes of $35,000 to $75,000, Mr. Wolff found.
  3. Mr. Wolff contends, for example, that a 50-year-old expecting a $20,000 annual company pension at the age of 65, and suddenly forced to fund it himself, would have to have accumulated $200,000 in savings by now. Ergo, a $20,000 future company pension represents $200,000 in present wealth. The 401(k) savings of households in the 47-to-64 age group, in contrast, average only $69,000.
  4. Whatever the caveats, Mr. Wolff's main point is now widely accepted: The swing from company-guaranteed pensions to 401(k)-style plans has definitely lessened wealth — and also relieved employers of billions of dollars in pension obligations.
  5. The heartbreak, however, lies in the self-delusion that silences protest. Mesmerized by 401(k)'s, too many households fail to notice what's missing.
4 020529 htm WSJ Fiduciary Farce401k
  1. The Enron trustees are hardly alone. Although few cases are likely to result in an Enron-style debacle, industry executives say plan trustees at many companies are ill-equipped for their jobs as fiduciaries, either on account of potential conflicts of interest or ignorance about their responsibilities.
5 020806 htm StarTrib The 401(k): A rip-off of workers or a savior?
  1. The 401(k) isn't just taking a beating from the stock market. There's increasing criticism that the rise of the savings plan and the decline of the traditional pension will leave more people in financial straits in retirement
  2. the 401(k) benefited the wealthy, who have more disposable income to salt away in the plans. But the 401(k) led to an 11 percent drop in retirement wealth for the typical household from 1983 to 1998, despite the bull market.
  3. As of 1998, nearly one in five households faced the prospect that their retirement income will be below the poverty line,
6 020910 htm CNN What's better: A pension or a 401(k)?
  1. Still, 401(k) investors with years to retire might have the last laugh.
  2. Now, the majority of American workers -- 58 million people -- have a 401(k). About 42 million have pensions.
  3. The shift to do-it-yourself retirement plans has been a mixed blessing
  4. (Remember, it doesn't matter how the market is performing because he's guaranteed the benefit.) [GET REAL--"doesn't matter how the market is performing"--ask the people in 1933 about market performance and pensions.]
  5. [What if he has a company pension and saves the 6 percent? $32,488+$34,000=$66,488. Duh. See below]
  6. But a fair mathematical analysis is virtually impossible.
  7. [These cancel out for both pensions and 401(k)--if you die, you don't get to take with you either a pension or a 401(k)]
  8. [Is this not true of a private investment in addition to a pension?]
7 030314 htm NYT Schwab Cancels401k
  1. he Charles Schwab Corporation, which is struggling through the worst slump in its history, yesterday became the latest company to tell employees that it would stop making matching contributions to their retirement plans.
  2. Other companies that have said they are reducing or halting such contributions include Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Great Northern Paper, Tech Data, the El Paso Corporation and the CMS Energy Company.
  3. As more companies eliminate their contributions, the rate at which Americans save for retirement — already considered inadequate — may drop even further.
8 050821 htm USAToday Automatic401k
  1. The Department of Labor expects to propose a regulation by year's end that will encourage companies to automatically enroll their workers in 401(k) plans.
  2. Once the regulation is proposed, the public will be able to comment on it before it becomes final. The regulation could affect millions of workers in 450,000 retirement plans
  3. The number of private-sector pension plans fell nearly 50% in the last decade to 31,238 last year
9 060321 htm Bloomberg 15 Million Brits Losing Savings in Blair's Supposed Safe Bet
  1. About 15 million British citizens who were forced to invest in the domestic bond market are losing their savings, and the government is telling them: Too bad!
10 060817 htm CNN Pension reform: Boon for 401(k)s
  1. The reform President Bush signed into law could mean increased worker savings. But it won't stop the move away from pensions.
  2. A majority of workers 45 and older have less than $50,000 in savings, according to a survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). What's more, almost 40 percent of workers over 40 don't participate in a 401(k) when they are eligible.
  3. The new legislation encourages companies to automatically enroll 401(k)-eligible employees and to automatically increase worker contributions every year. It also allows the plan provider chosen by the employer to offer investment advice to workers.
  4. Automatic enrollment is expected to boost the participation rate in 401(k) plans beyond 90 percent.
  5. Several provisions in the bill are not related to retirement per se, including one that makes permanent the tax-free status of withdrawals from state-sponsored 529 college savings plans.
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11 060817 htm NYT President Bush Signs New Pension Bill
  1. President Bush on Thursday signed new rules to prod companies into shoring up their pension plans and offered strong words for corporate America: ''Set aside enough money now.''
12 060819 htm NYT On Making Enrollment in a 401(k) Automatic
  1. Employers and the financial services industry that manages the 401(k) plans for them have joined in the conspiracy.
  2. “What about automatic enrollment?” a new hire might ask. “Can you give some advice on the funds?” The typical response has been no. Corporate lawyers contend giving advice isn’t legal. They might as well say: “You are on your own. Good luck.”
  3. The Pension Protection Act, signed this week by President Bush, gives companies no more room for excuses. They will be allowed to stick their employees into a 401(k)
13 071014 htm ChicagoTrib Cash-strapped Americans raiding their 401(k)s --
  1. Despite potential tax and investment problems, more investors have been borrowing from their 401(k) plans or taking hardship withdrawals in recent months, some retirement plan providers say.
14 071023 htm USAToday New regulation expected to raise 401(k) participation
  1. A finalized regulation to be issued by the Labor Department on Tuesday is expected to significantly boost employee participation in 401(k) retirement plans
  2. One aspect of the regulation will also give companies a green light to automatically enroll existing employee
  3. The regulation will provide a "meaningful increase" in participation at a time when automatic enrollment is already gaining popularity, says Pamela Hess, director of retirement research at Hewitt Associates, a human-resources consulting firm. Automatic enrollment increases participation because instead of having to sign up, employees have to take action to opt out.
  4. Since 2005, the percentage of employers that automatically enrolled workers in 401(k)s surged from 19% to 34%, according to Hewit
  5. Overall, the Labor Department estimates that workers will add $70 billion to $134 billion to their retirement savings in the next 27 years because of automatic enrollment, which received a boost from last year's passage of the Pension Protection Act.
  6. The regulation also clarifies that employers that have previously put worker contributions in stable value funds — which guarantee a rate of return and have been the standard default investment for automatically enrolled employees — won't be subject to legal liability.
15 080201 htm WashPost Over Time, Hidden Fees Snatch Big Percentages From 401(k)s
  1. The latest blow came in September. Schneider found that undisclosed expenses for securities trades, administration and advisory services were driving the cost of Elcon's plan to at least 3.5 percent of the amount he invested. He said he was furious because Elcon's vice president, Kinh Pham, had told workers in a February 2007 memo that Elcon had cut fees to 0.10 percent.
  2. Hidden fees amounting to 1 percent can reduce a worker's 401(k) returns by about 15 percent over 30 years
16 081012 htm WashPost Retirement Wreck: Are 401(k)s Still Viable for Saving?
  1. For many Americans, 401(k) plans were supposed to be their own little golden parachutes into retirement. Now, it seems, those parachutes may not open in time.
17 081028 htm USAToday More Companies May End401k Match
  1. As the economic slump deepens, more companies are expected to join General Motors in suspending matches of contributions to their employees' 401(k) retirement accounts.
  2. Also among them are Goodyear, Frontier Airlines, commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, broadcast group Entercom and rental car agency Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group.
18 081221 htm NYT In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match -
  1. Companies eager to conserve cash are trimming their contributions to their workers’ 401(k) retirement plans, putting a new strain on America’s tattered safety net at the very moment when many workers are watching their accounts plummet along with the stock market.
  2. Many of the latest 401(k) cutbacks are turning up in industries with obvious financial problems, like the auto industry, health care and newspaper publishing. Industries that depend on free-spending consumers, like resorts and casinos, are also seeing cuts. Often when one company in an industry cuts its benefits others will follow, to keep their labor costs competitive.
  3. Motorola, struggling to stay competitive, stopped contributions to its 401(k) plan this month and froze its pension plan as well.
19 090516 htm WashPost Don't Count On Your 401(k)
  1. Americans lost almost a quarter of their retirement savings last year.
  2. According to Bogle's numbers, the median IRA has $55,000 in it. By his calculations, that's enough to provide a steady income of $2,200 a year -- less than $200 a month. That's it.
  3. And 401(k)s? The typical 401(k) holds only $15,000.

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