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1 031012 htm NYT To Cover Pension Promises, Governments Turn to Bonds
  1. Many state and local governments, facing ballooning pension promises to police officers, firefighters, teachers and other public employees, are rushing to sell bonds to cover the shortfall. That strategy has sometimes backfired in recent years, leaving taxpayers on the hook for even more debt.
  2. More sales are coming. Wisconsin and Oregon each plan one before the end of this year, and Kansas has authorized a sale. West Virginia, home of the nation's weakest public pension plan — according to a study by Wilshire Associates, the state teacher's plan has only $1 for every $5 is owes — is fighting a court battle to sell $3.9 billion of the bonds without first holding a referendum. In California, a planned $1.9 billion bond sale for state employees' pensions contributed to the fiscal uproar that led to the recall of Gov. Gray Davis.
2 091024 htm NYT Number of Job Hunters 65 or Older Skyrockets -
  1. It is well known that during the nation’s gale-force recession, many older Americans who dreamed of continued to work, often because their had plunged in value.
  2. In fact, there are more Americans 65 and older in the job market today than at any time in history, 6.6 million, compared with 4.1 million in 2001.
  3. Less well known, though, is that nearly half a million workers 65 and older want to work but cannot find a job — more than five times the level early this decade and this group’s highest unemployment level since .
  4. Patricia Piazza, 66, who worked for for 30 years as an analyst, knows that all too well.
  5. She and her 72-year-old husband, a longtime employee at General Motors Acceptance Corporation, had planned to retire by now, but she is hunting for job, and he recently landed one with the local transit system.
  6. Their home in Warren, Mich., has dropped $100,000 in value, Ms. Piazza said, while their pensions, as former nonunion employees, will be far less than anticipated because of the auto company bankruptcies.
  7. Chrysler recently took away her policy and optical coverage, she said.
  8. “It’s like the bottom fell out of everything” she said. “This isn’t the way we planned retirement.”

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