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2 030313 htm WashPost State Underfunded Pension
  1. The value of state employee pension plans has plunged over the past three years, with the assets in the plans now worth less than the benefits they are committed to pay, according to a new study.
  2. Overall, the total value of assets in these plans declined from 115 percent of liabilities in 2000 to 91 percent at the end of 2002. The 79 percent of plans that are underfunded is the highest in the history of the Wilshire survey, which dates back to 1990.
3 030404 htm Fox Civil Service Pension Tapped
  1. Treasury Department debt managers intend to soon carry out an accounting maneuver that would free billions of dollars on paper to prevent the government from breaching the $6.4 trillion ceiling on the national debt.
  2. Treasury Secretary John Snow, in a letter Friday to House and Senate leaders of both parties, notified them that the department will - on paper - suspend new investments in Treasury securities that would be credited to the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund
4 050207 htm LaTimes The Right's Attack on Public Pensions
  1. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says getting rid of public pension plans for California's state and local government workers is about helping to balance the budget.
  2. The governor has proposed privatizing government pension plans and replacing them with individual 401(k)-style private accounts.
  3. In pursuing corporate reform, the pension funds are operating not just in their own self-defense. They are also giving a powerful voice in the boardrooms to the interests of millions of families that have invested their savings in the markets.
  4. That's why the governor and his right-wing ideologues have targeted the pension funds: not because the funds have strayed, but because they are leading the fight on behalf of ordinary shareholders to put transparency and accountability back into American capitalism.
5 050625 htm NYT W.Va. Rejects $5.5B Pension Bond Proposal
  1. Voters on Saturday narrowly rejected Gov. Joe Manchin's attempt to repair West Virginia's ailing retirement system by selling up to $5.5 billion in bonds.
6 071219 htm NYT Pension Fund Shortages Create Hard Choices - New York Times
  1. Almost half of the states have been underfunding their retirement plans for public workers and may have to choose in the years ahead between their pension obligations and other public programs
7 071220 htm PHG-com State27 Percent Pension Shortfall
  1. U.S. states have nearly a 27 percent shortfall in funding required to meet the $2.73 trillion in pension
8 080626 htm NYSun City Pension Funds Lose Billions - June 26, 2008 - The New York Sun
  1. In the nine months leading up to March 31, the city's five pension funds lost a total of nearly $5 billion, or 4.4%, according to data from the city comptroller's office.
9 090708 htm NYT Pension Costs for Local Governments May Triple -
  1. Local governments in New York State face an unprecedented increase in pension costs that will force them to triple their contributions to the state pension system over the next six years, according to an analysis prepared by the comptroller’s office.
  2. “We’ve promised more than we can deliver,”

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