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1 010526 htm NYT Russia Sees Payoff In Nuc Storage
  1. [No better example of rich dirtying local while jetting to a global retreat. As submarine Kursk and reactor Chernobyl show, Russia doesn't have technical prowess to manage own nuclear industry. If Russia imports nuclear waste it will be like the people who paid for cryogenic storage.--RSB]
  2. Despite some strong opposition from the public at home and by the government in the United States, Russia is preparing to open its borders to become the largest international repository for radioactive nuclear wastes
  3. A key element in the Russian proposal is to accept the world's spent fuel, charging up to $1,600 per 2.2 pounds to hold it in perpetuity
  4. Japan has 53 operating reactors and is in the midst of a national debate over how to store its nuclear wastes. In Europe, there are more than 150 nuclear reactors, and France generates 76 percent of its electrical power with nuclear energy
2 010602 htm NYT Nuclear Waste Dump Dead
  1. A plan to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, long opposed by Nevada, has become a casuality of the change in control of the Senate.
3 010606 htm WashPost Russia Passes Plan to Accept Nuclear Waste
  1. The lower house of Russia's parliament today gave final approval to a controversial plan to import thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel in exchange for a possible $20 billion cash windfall, voting despite widespread public criticism of an effort that environmental activists say will turn the country into the world's "nuclear waste dump."
  2. more than 90 percent of the Russian public against the plan
4 990108 htm Science “RUSSIA: Nuclear Strongholds in Peril”
  1. As Russia's economy deteriorates, the danger grows that the country's once-privileged nuclear cities will hemorrhage the talent and materials that rogue nations crave for making nuclear bombs

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