My contribution to business and economics is the following:
Capitalism is a victim of identity theft. Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to cause bankruptcies and unemployment, that is, decapitalize production and decapitate jobs. Capitalism is not failing since decapitalism has metastasized capitalim into wealth for a fewer few, not capitalism per capita.
In one generation, the American middle-class (your customer base for filling the classrooms and filling your pension obligations) has lost 90% of its retirement. In 1980, the average retiree had almost $300k in corporate defined benefits in which pension money went into building plants and jobs to meet these pension obligations. Today, the average 65-year old has about $100k in a 401k which is on $30k in 1980 buying power. To have the same standard of living as in 1980, an American middle-class family must work ten weeks longer each year. Great for being good parents!
How did this loss happen? The biggest bank robbery in history! How? 401ks, stock options and IPOs. Now, corporate insiders are more focused on cooking the books for short-term pretty pictures to hype their stock sales. Instead of funding jobs, pension money now goes into M&M's, that is, mansions and mistresses.
IPOs: Insiders Phooling Outsiders! Can you photocopy the title to your car or home to sell to multiple buyers without going to jail? That is what hedge funds and private equity do when they flip a corporation. This is legal thievery. Your job and retirement security is decapitalized each time a corporation is stripped of less profitable segments to be advertized as having higher profit per sales dollar. This is akin to a basketball coach wanting higher muscle power per player's arm by cutting off the weakest arm.
The current poster-kid for decapitalism is the "Panama Papers" which has used "bearer bonds" and shell "corporations." The Panamanian MF law firm aids the rich and powerful to not pay their fair share of the needed economic umbrella of safety and security. And, they have the most to lose if all hell breaks out. This is blatant decapitalism whereby the terms and tools of capitalism have been hijacked to do the opposite.
True, honest capitalism rewards the individual for using his head (capita) to solve a time-wasting problem with his receiving the "golden mean" between the extremes as a profit, that is, 50-50 split with the problem-solvers. Interestingly, and a logical, literary connection is how the profit of solving a time-wasting problem represents forward time for both solver and sufferer. Guess what is the Latin root of profit--forward existence. This is also the same root of "proud" and "pride." If one is honest with one's words, one cannot be proud of being a decapitalist. Profit-taking is not profit-making.
A new view of business, economics and currency can be centered at Christopher Newport University. Part of my overall reform of economic perspectives is introduction of is a definition of currency based on its literal origin (what is your time "currently" worth). More importantly, I have a working model. Those who help build this model into reality are quantified for their current time in "lifehour" credit units. In a very real sense, I am  a Silicon Valley startup without vulture capitalists as I provide an avenue for reformists to act with stock option rewards--the lifehour.
Lifehours are a currency impervious to manipulation whereby the symbols of our substance are divorced into funny numbers of funny paper. With lifehours, wealth goes hand-in-hand with the worth of the individual head (capita), thus, true capitalism per capita.
Over the years, I have met resistance from people saying "Well, that may be what the words originally meant, but we have to deal with today's reality and definitions." My response is two-fold (not original, of course):
  1. Those who control the past will control the present and the future with words being the tools of the igknowant and hypocrites.
  2. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
Thanks to decapitalism's usury, "Never has so much been owed by so many to so few." Monetarism is nothing more than usury sanitized and academized with the gold stamp of approval, a Nobel Prize. (Since its inception, the economic prize has consistently gone to decapitalists, e.g., John Nash of "Beautiful Mind" fame who showed corporations how to game consumers into buying more of what consumers did not need with money consumers that consumers did not have. That is decapitalism, i.e., taking money and time from the innocent and gullible.)
I expect lively debate on the definition of capitalism which is already occurring. Would you not like for this "timistic" analysis to occur at your school? Please note that timism is referred to as the periodic table of existence. Over four decades, I have quietly delineated "a" or "the" T.O.E. based on three processes from the physical to the moral--see Timism: The Morality of More Time.
In summary, you should get all your students, past and present, to vote for CNU to be the national locus of 24in4.
Please review the letters to President Trible and to students, faculty and staff as well as the Virginia voting webpage. I hope you see the benefits so that your school wins the national rights. VCU and CNU have a temporary monopoly with the winner being the first to reach the goal. Monopoly deadline is midnight, April 11.
Bob Barnett
P.S. Be sure to review "CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule" which summarizes my climate change research since my first essay in 1982 when I predicted more droughts with downwind deluges/flooding. Volia, the new climate normal.