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1 080728 htm NYT After Delay, KKR Finds a Way to Go Public -
2 090306 htm WowOWow M B Asofthe Meltdown Where Did Those Bankers Goto Business School
  1. Here’s a question, fellow 401K-robbed victims of the meltdown: Exactly where did this toxic batch of bankers and businesspeople — who engineered the economy into the ditch, the stock market into free fall and frittered away the fortunes of our country and maybe even the world — learn their craft?
  2. Winner: Harvard
  3. Second Runner-up: New York University’s Stern School of Business
  4. Third Place: Cornell
  5. Taking an inventory of CNN’s Ten Most Wanted: The Culprits of the Collapse, Time magazine’s 25 People to Blame For the Financial Crisis, plus a peek at the pontificators on CNBC
  6. Stanley O’Neal, Harvard MBA: Ousted as Chairman, CEO of Merrill Lynch, after the firm posted its first $8 billion in losses due to the sub-prime crisis. Received a severance package valued at the time at $161 million in stock and options.
  7. John Thain, Harvard MBA: Hired to succeed O’Neal at Merrill Lynch and eventually managed to sell it to Bank of America.
  8. Christopher Cox, Harvard MBA: Former Chairman of the SEC
  9. Henry Paulson, Harvard MBA: Secretary of the Treasury under President Bush,
  10. ndrew Hedley Hornby, Harvard MBA: Failed former CEO of what used to be one of the UK’s largest bank group, HBOS, which had to merge with Lloyds in the face of bad mortgage loans.
  11. Lawrence Summers, Harvard PhD, Economics; Former President, Harvard University:
  12. Franklin Raines, Harvard Law: Former CEO of Fannie Mae, took "early retirement" amid an accounting investigation
  13. Daniel Mudd, MPA, Harvard JFK School of Government: Took over Fannie Mae from Raines, and increased the number of subprime mortgages it guaranteed until the government dismissed him in 2008, when the Feds had to put Fannie into conservatorship to keep it afloat.
  14. George W. Bush, Harvard MBA: Rode herd over the most alarming financial meltdown since the Great Depression, as the tsunami of unregulated Wall Street derivatives collided with the bursting of the housing bubble.

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