1. One cannot solve the problem of hunger if one has never been hungry.
  2. The Road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.

Existential Eunuchs

Eunuchs are males who has been castrated so that they cannot procreate. The elimination of the tissue that generates testosterones reduces male features. Existential Eunuchs describes males and females claiming to be problem-solvers who are, in fact and effect, problem causers.

  1. They fall into one or more of the four reasons that people don't solve problems: Stupid, Naive, Igknowant and Dishonest.
  2. In all cases, problem solutions are incomplete or worse because one or more the four problem-solving steps are less than 100%: define, prescribe, organize and motivate.

The following outline lists examples of existential eunuchs who are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. In reversing the existential meltdown, they will grease the skids so society slides faster into the abyss. Knowingly or unknowingly, these arsonists of humanity will throw more gasoline on the fires that are consuming the house of humanity.

By their vary nature, existential eunuchs are neither respectable nor responsible if one is honest with one's words rather being a semantic slipper. Respect without re-inspecting is akin to accepting a bill of sales instead of the purchased items. One is responsible only if one responds to one's ability--too often a politician will minimize his blame in a failure by saying "I am responsible" or "I take responsibility." No. No. If a problem is unsolved then the appointed or elected problem-solver did or cannot respond at an ability level necessary to solve the problem. More accurately, and honestly, politicians should say, "I take the blame for my failing to ably respond to the problem.

  1. Stupid and naive people can be forgiven when they are not responsible. A stupid person cannot learn to be responsible--the problem requires more knowledge than the stupid person can understand, learn and use. A naive person has not had the chance to understand, learn and use.
  2. Igknowant persons are dangerous problem-solvers. An igknowant person chooses to not know, to igknow. As such, his problem-solving will always be incomplete.
  3. Dishonest or deceitful people have hidden agendas when they solve a problem. Invariably, it is some "value" that transcends or trumps the logical solution to the problem at hand. For instance, the Catholic church wants more bodies and money so it is against insurance for contraceptives. Logically, in a world that is suffering an accelerating existential meltdown from overpopulation, promoting birth control is a way to reduce future suffering, crime and terrorism. But, the Catholic Church introduces irrelevant factors into the problem-solving process which causes more suffering from unwanted pregnancies and unwanted overpopulation. (Ignored in the 2012 debates on funding contraceptions (Komen Foundation and Catholic Church) is how the actions of the Catholic Church is an admission that their 2000-year old message falls on deaf ears or unbuying minds--upwards of 87% of girls attending Catholic universities use birth control pills.) As problem-solving institutions for fighting the fires burning up our future, religious institutions don't use forest service air tankers but use refueling Air Force tankers.

Apathy on a sinking ship is suicidal. Apathy in the presence of worsening problems is also suicide. Apathy in re-inspecting the self-proclaimed public problem-solvers, e.g., habitual politicians, is mass suicide. By re-inspecting politicians, one can determine their levels of stupidity, naivete, igknowance and dishonesty. One should vote accordingly. Afterall, in times of worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician. In the latter case, you are rubber-stamping more problems and fewer solutions.

In general, there are two types of existential eunuchs with both being variations of moneytheism : Monetarists and Monotheists. Both boil down their decisions and policies based on will it make me more money, e.g., Mormoney Romney. Moneytheists are guilty of chosing Kodak Morality of the moment instead of the video morality from a cradle-to-grave analysis. With the latter, one ascertains whether the initial gain in money, wealth or time is lost later. Most publind instances of Kodak morality can be called Saltwater Solutions in which people accept a problem solution that only makes the problem worse like drinking saltwater when one is thirsty.

Moneytheist don't ask the question, "What if everyone did it? Would the world be better or worse?" Supporters of sports and gambling igknow or hide the fact that a nation cannot play or gamble its way to prosperity and security. Having bribed many politicians and purchased mediacs, the gambling lottery takes comfort and defense in the claim, "And, it is legal." Moneytheist are existential eunuchs. (Mormoney Romney is a double-moneytheist straddling both economic monetarism and religious monotheism.)

Existential Eunuchs examples:

  1. Economic
    1. Monetarism
    2. Democrats: Tax and Spend
    3. Republicans: Borrow and Spluge
    4. Free Fools
    5. Nepotism: Not Potent, e.g., nephew
  2. Religion
    1. Theists (moneytheists)
    2. Prayer Addicts
    3. Miracle Morons
    4. Evilutionists
    5. Illogical Aliens
  3. Education
    1. Charter School
    2. Private Schools
    3. Religious Colleges
    4. Hokie ?? killings, parents wanting money: Parent should be sued for being poor parents, not training children ... scumnuts wanting something for nothing.

This writer does not want to work with Existential Eunuchs because it is a waste of time.

  1. Bible is the word of God
  2. Agreement with arguements followed by "But do you accept Jesus as my savior?" (Yes, but that does not matter much since I also accept VISA, Master Card and Amoral Express.)
  3. global warming with Caveat.

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