Merkelism: Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Merkel morality is immoral as she is using the migrant crisis to address Germany's low birthrate and declining population.

Euro: Monetary Colonialism

  1. "The conquest had been presented as the prelude to the creation of a new Europen communiity that would integrate the economies of industrial and agricultural countries, and free them from their dependence on overseas suppliers." Heel 146-147
  2. "They [WWII foreign workers] were driven by the unemployment and economic chaos that accompanied defeat at home and by the promise of better jobs and higher pay in the booming industries of Germany, which had lacked a sufficient labor force since prewar days." Heel 30-31
  3. "Rolling in with the armies of occupation were portable printing presses, brought to stamp out new form of currency that would prove devastating to the conquered lands. The new notes, printed on stiff brown paper, were called Richskreditkssenscheine--military currency certificates, or, R.K.K.S., for short .... Nothing more than promissory notes drawn on German` finncial institutions, the money was backed by neither gold nor silver and had no worth other thna the power of the military authority to impose its acceptance. But merchants in France, Holland, Belgium, and Scandinavia were compelled to accept it at face value, at a ruinous rate of exchnge that was set in Belin." Hell 135-136
  4. "To the Wehrmacht, occupied Europe became one big discount store." Hell 136
  5. "What had happened, 'the writer continued, mounted to an "invisble form of confiscation. One can called it velvet-glove looting."'" Heel 136
  6. "But by then the open economic exploitation of western Europe had made it abundantly evident that behind the rhetoric of eruopean unity a different reality--one more accurately expressed by Hitler's privately stated aim to come out of the war 'bursting with fat!' Even the most ardent supporters of a european economic community could see that when Hitler spoke of Europe he meant a greater German Empire in which the ocupied people were relegated to an inferior status that ensured they wouuld live in permanent want." Heel 147
  1. "Greece crisis: No mercy for Greece in Angela Merkel's Europe ... When grovelling is not enough. The 'mental waterboarding' of Greece" (
  2. [Like foreign workers in Nazi Germany, the African and Mideast migrants of 2010 onward are seeking "better jobs and higher pay"--brain drain due to Euro monetary colonialism.]
  3. "Spain and Germany are among the most holiday-happy, both offering 34 days of paid leave each year."
  4. [To the Germans, the PIIGS have become one big discount store.]
  5. [Monetary Colonialism--dollar or euro--is "velvet-glove looting."]
  6. Anyone who understands Monetary Colonialism understands that the world's currency (the dollar) allows the US to export its inflation and employment problems to poorer countries. The euro is not a European currency but a German currency, a modern day R.K.K.S.

"The real profiteers of this war are ourselves, and out of it we shall come bursting with fat!" Hitler boasted. "We will give back nothing and will take everything we can make use of." Heel 26


Increasing the population was one of the main concerns of Hitler's regime ...." New Order 118

In January of 1944 Fritz Suckel, ordered by Hitler to harvest a million more French labors during the year, was forced to take drastic measures. Heel 42

And large political gatherings provided unmarried youngsters with golden opportunities to donate a child to the Furhrer. The Nuremberg rally of 1936 left 900 girls between the ages of fifteen and eighteen pregnant. New Order 121

"Migrant crisis: Germany's Merkel says EU quotas are a 'first step'" (

[Germany has closed 2000 elementary schools in the last 20 years due to falling birthrate.]

"Germany, which has waived EU rules to welcome thousands of Syrian migrants, expects more than 800,000 asylum seekers in 2015 alone - four times the 2014 figure." (

[The inequalities of the Euro cause both brain and body drains from poor to rich countries, aka, sex trade.]

Does Merkel encouraging the braindrain of the best and brightest to leave their homelands help or harm the economies of the migrants' nation? Merkel, a duplicitous, double-harmful habitual politician. The solution was to force migrants to emulate the anti-Hitler plotters or the French Maquis fighters. Now, the bullies have an easier road to travel. Stalin destroyed Poland's problem-solving elite with the Katyn Massacre. Merkel's actions can be described as a de facto velvet-glove Katyn massacre of Arab indigenous problem-solvers.

In many regards, I would trust Hitler more than Merkel because he never claimed to believe in democracy as a subterfuge to exact his will on others. Merkel is living proof of banker Nathan Rothschild's maxim, to wit, "I don't care who controls the governments in the Eurozone as long as I control the Euro coin." In common, both said one thing while planning another.

After centuries of controlling Europe's money supply--now the Euro--the Rothchilds have an estimated worth of 100 trillion dollars, five times the U.S. national debt. They own controlling interest in the US Federal Reserve which is a private bank with a public name. Thru fractional lending and money recycling, they make one dollar for every dollar deposited in the bank. Amazing.

The most important thing to remember is that
  1. allowing political and/or economic migrants to move from to higher CO2-sinning economies
  2. accelerates global dying as CO2-sinning per capita increases..

Nazi Germany initiated the first holocaust with Zyklon B and Merkel is finishing the job with a global holocaust of greenhouse gases, the real Final Solution.

The migrant crisis is a tempest in a teapot compared to increasing CO2-sinning of desert dwellers to inner-city CO2-sinners.

The Primary Moral Imperative is saving life on earth from global dying, an imperative not within Merkel's bag of political tricks.