Day 5--CO2 Math Matters: Cost of Humanity  ... CO2: Worst Currency ... CO2 Sinning ... Over-Population

Cost of Humanity to Mother Nature:

  1. Igknowance of the law is no excuse.
  2. Igknowance of Mother Nature's law is no escape.
  3. The cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts:
    1. The cost of living which is the CO2 generated to create the necessities of life.
    2. The cost lying--the CO2 from metastasizing our wants.
  4. Economies (individual, families, cities, states, nations and humanity) that prioritize wants over needs are living beyond their means.
  5. We need to re-time our needs for efficiency and de-time our wants for survival. Brainbee

CO2: Worst Currency:

  1. When you buy a car with a loan, you are committing yourself to working some time each month to pay off the loan.
  2. When you buy a tank of gas, is the pump price the final time price? What if someone puts sugar in the gas you purchased? You would have an engine replacement/rebuilding cost that would be many hours of your worktime.
  3. What if that tank of gas causes climate change with heatwaves, fires, floods and refugees?
  4. The pump price of gasoline is a downpayment on a time loan from Mother Natue who is a loan shark without equal in her time payments. The gas saves you time in getting from point A to point B. The climate change costs you more hours than the hours saved.
  5. The time savings of fossil fuel is a fool's gold of a worsening future.

CO2 Sinning:

  1. Petrophiliacs: The entities willing to lie to get petrowealth by abusing life on earth, e.g., American Petroleum Institution and Virginia's Dominion Power/Energy.
  2. If you give an arsonist a match, you are guilty of his CO2 sinning.
  3. Arsonists initiate cellulose carbohydrate combustion on a one-time, massive scale.
  4. Doctors initiate cellular caborhydrate combustion on a long-term, massive scale.
  5. Each person daily generates about one pound of CO2 per 100 pounds of body weight.
  6. Each U.S. person annually generates about 32,000 pounds of CO2.
  7. If you save a life in the womb, ICU, NICU, or OR, those subsequent breaths exhaling CO2 are your CO2 sins for which your offspring will pay.
  8. Many are winning individual battles of survival while losing the battle to save all lives of all things on Planet Earth.
  9. Airline pilots generate a pound of CO2 for each passenger mile of their passenger list.
  10. Leo DeCaprio is a big time CO2 sinning hypocrite.
  11. Advertisers, CO2 Sinners sine qua non: "We get people to buy things they don't need with money they don't have."
  12. Steve Jobs was one of America's worst CO2-sinners with his iPuddery that destroys personalities.
  13. Based on a cradle-to-grave timistic analysis of his choices, Barack Obama is the worst living CO2 sinner (essay later).
  14. An uptick in the GDP is an increase in the rate of climate change, aka, the accelerating synergistic existential meltdown.
  15. Every new job is a sin against Mother Nature. Every shared job is saving life on earth: 24in4, not unneeded jobs is the PMI.
  16. Global warming test:
    1. Grow the economy and grow jobs till we die.
    2. Slow the economy and share the jobs so we live.


  1. Every new human is a nail in the coffin of life on earth.
  2. Mother Nature cannot afford all of us.
  3. Behind all human and many natural disasters is over-population, that is, if one is honest with an open mind and willingness to inspect and re-inspect.
  4. Many, without any research effort, offer their gut-reactions to refute these claims, "God will not allow us to starve and die" despite the escalating rate of famine and death.
  5. The United Nations and Nobel Laureates are top-shelf CO2 sinners as they have directly or indirectly encouraged over-population.

If you want to see the ManHeaven Project to reverse climate change