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Over the next six days, we will be publishing an interesting integration of physics, climate change, mentality, economics, politics and morality from the perspective of quantify the value of time in each level of existence. The theory is called Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence. We are publishing these segments for several reasons:

  1. They are newsworthy in their provocative analysis and proposals from within a claimed single perspective.
  2. We are participating in the creation of a new problem-solving currency called the lifehour for which we are receiving ?? of these shares which also represent ownership of
  3. We encourage you to sign up for which you and we will receive five lifehour shares the value of which is tied to an average hour of wages, about $25.
  4. You are also encourage, if you like the contents and goals of the thoughts within these six segments to make a donation which will be a two-fer, that is, from the cashflow of the "tools of Timism" you will receive your money back as well as a corresponding amount of lifehour shares which, per the proposals, will be used to pay loans or taxes.
  5. We do not agree with nor endorse all or any of the ideas or reforms. We will provide a forum for your responses in which you can prioritize among you the most important pros or cons with the winners receiving further lifehour credits.

We are printing this as a public service as well as to acquire lifehour credits. If you agree with the following, please signup at listing this newspaper as your sponsor: Use email ???@?????.com. We will receive five lifehour credits as will you if you sign up citing us. In coming weeks, reporters will ?? this. In addtion there are Timism brainbees on most topics.

If you signup, you and we get five lifehour credits each.

If you would like to support the cost of the below, Timism offers you a two-fer: By making a donation to this paper for the publishing cost, we will in 30-days or sooner send a list of our readers who made a donation to defray the cost of this Primer on the Primary Moral Imprative to save life on earth from climate change.

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Roadmap Guideposts
for the

Primary Moral Imperative
To Save Life on Planet Earth
from Climate Change

Petrophiliacs' Dirt

  1. 1982: 1st sentence of 2nd paragraph of "Oil Droughts" said that the oil companies knew about CO2 alterring climate. In recent years (2014+), research shows petrophiliacs spent millions in the 1970s on global warming. Like tobacco companies, oil companies greedily hid the information.
  2. 2002: In putting together the CO2 Matrix, documents on CO2 emissions were disappearning--see They Know.

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Summary of essays on climate change since 1982 (Listing)