A seed plucking station at Patrick Henry Charter School

Seed Bees: A Spelling Bee and a Bake Sale

A great way for a school to raise funds via a project that has been benefits.

In 2013, a "Seed-bee" was prototyped at Patrick Henry Charter School in Richmond, Virginia. Students were provided with a hand-out from which to select vegetables they wanted to grow. On the seed-bee day, they showed up with egg cartons (picture) in which the desired seeds were written on the carton inside top above the egg slots. Starting soil was gathered with students plucking seeds from containers. A few months later, letters were received from the students (posted in left column).

Benefits of a seedbee are numerous.

  1. Household savings: An investment of one to three pennies will produce one dollar of food (2012 prices). You can expect about $2 of produce per square foot of garden especially if you use a "cavegarden." The average seed will generate $10 to $20 in produce. One's green thumb greens greener each year. Bob's garden in 2012 produced $7500 in food of which he gave away half.
  2. Student maturity: Learning and applying a wide-range of skills in selecting seeds, writing selections, plucking seeds, watering and nurturing seeds to maturity.
  3. Ecology and Environment: An appreciation of life and the planet can be instilled by growing food rather than merely opening a can of food. Students will have an additional focus of discussion and comparison.
  4. Parent-child bonding: Interaction in a new venue can strengthen those bonds as well as another opportunity for the parent to practice "No" as well as develop household duties whereby to gradually introduce the child to the joys of graduating from the college of hard "No's."
  5. Grocery Inflation: Food prices at the store will have less inflationary pressure as homes grow more food, more healthier food. (Also, one's drive for "shop-till-ya-drop" angst reduction will be ameliorated by a "grow-till-ya glow" warm and fuzzy feeling. For more happiness and a fatter savings account, give up the rat race for the root race.
  6. Parent-Teacher: School can receive hundreds if not thousands of dollars from a seed-bee like a bake sale. As any home gardener knows, one buys a seed pack for a few dollars that contains more seeds than one wants to plant.
  7. A seed pack sells for between two or three dollars and often contains hundreds of seeds. Selling the seeds individually reduces the waste which occurs when a person purchases a whole pack.

How an on-line seedbee works, sequence of steps:

  1. School emails parents the selection form requesting a return date.
  2. An upper level class does the math of needed seeds.
  3. A parent or teacher picks up seeds at a store.
  4. A table is set up with bowls of the seeds in which students pass during the day collecting their seeds. Upper classmates can help the younger classmates.

Seed Bee

Our seeds and soil
Your egg carton

Saturday-Sunday, ??am to ??pm
March 30-31 & April 5-6

  • tomato, red
  • tomato, jubilee
  • tomato, cherry
  • cucumber
  • marigold (french)
  • squash summer
  • squash zuchinni
  • squash butternut
  • pumpkin
  • watermelon
  • cantelope
  • honey dew melon

French marigolds discourage cucumber beetles

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