Second Annual Seed Bee
Patrick Henry Charter School
Richmond, Virginia

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Dear Parent:
  1. In 2013, we had a seeding bee in which students brought an egg carton in which seeds and soil were placed (pictures). A few months later, many thank you cards were sent to "Gardener Bob," the local retiree who inititated and organized the seed bee.
  2. This year the seed bee is simplified into 12 common vegetables. The first egg carton is free. If you want a second, it is $3 for the PTA funds. Any gratis donation would not be refused.)

Dear Student:

  1. If you take care of you plants you will learn a lot about yourself and life which will help you have a happier future: patience and persistence.
  2. You will find each day being like Christmas morning as you look for what Mother Nature grew overnight and left for you as a surprise.

Seed Bee

Seeds and Soil for Your Egg Carton
Days and Times:
  • tomato, red
  • tomato, jubilee
  • tomato, cherry
  • cucumber
  • marigold (french)
  • squash summer
  • squash zuchinni
  • squash butternut
  • pumpkin
  • watermelon
  • cantelope
  • honeydew melon

*Cucumbers should not be planted without a companion of a French Marigold and white radishes which repeal cucumber beetles that can destroy your cucumber plants in hours by jellifying the vascular system.

Calender 2014 Patrick Henry Charter School

  • Handout: March 26, Wednesday, Student handouts
  • Seed bee: March 31, Mon, Patrick Henry Charter School
  • Tilling: April 1 to April 21, Would you like to have your yard tilled? Tiller lending or hiring available. "Gardener" Bob has three tillers he will lend out. Drop a note off in his mail box at 3600 Anne Street by April 21, 2014.
  • Strawberrys: April 5 Sat. 10am - 5pm, Each year "Gardener" Bob destroys between 300 and 500 strawberry plants. First come, first serve, 25 max. (You are encouraged to install a dripline with 12" emitters to maximize strawberry production.)
  • Mulch eliminates weeds, keeps the soil moist and cool--see mulch. "Gardener" Bob will get a truck load of mulch which you can bag in 13 or 40 gallon bags. Bag on Saturday or Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. Bring your bag. Pitchfolks provided.
  • Drip or skip, Sunday, April 13, 10am to 5pm. With the variations in weather extremes, it is important to use drip irrigation for the following reasons.
    1. You use only 20-25% of water.
    2. You water only the plants.
    3. Plant roots go deeper rather horizontal.
    4. You do not water the air which infects your plants with airborne diseases.
      "Gardener" Bob will provide a drip workshop where you can buy only the needed length for your garden. See Drip or Skip.
  • Transplant Seedlings April 19, Sat, Tentative planting of seedlings, weather permitting
  • Bamboo party: April 19-20, Sat-Sun,  Around the creek near school. Get the poles you need for beans, caves and beautification. Bring a handsaw, a sawsall or small chainsaw.

"Gardener" Bob lives four houses from Patrick Henry up Reedy Creek. You cannot miss it because of the bamboo fence and "" sign"--enjoy the "Hobbiton" gate.

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