March 23, 2014

Managers: Home Deport ... Lowes ... Southern States

Seed bees (a new DIY workshops for young and old), can benefit your company, your career and our world. Benefits and images are listed at I prototyped Seed Bees last year's at Richmond, VA, Patrick Henry school--a huge success, see thank you's on website.

For $9, an 8.5x11 is enlarged to 3'x4' at Kinkos. Attach to 1/2 insulation board. Set up self-service tables with 12 seed bowls in the back of the garden area so people walk by other goods.

Seed Bee

Our seeds and soil
Your egg carton

Saturday-Sunday, ??am to ??pm
March 30-31 & April 5-6

  • tomato, red
  • tomato, jubilee
  • tomato, cherry
  • cucumber
  • marigold (french)
  • squash summer
  • squash zuchinni
  • squash butternut
  • pumpkin
  • watermelon
  • cantelope
  • honey dew melon

French marigolds discourage cucumber beetles

Sign up for Drip Irrigation Supplies and Seminar,

You would not have to risk wasted inventory as you could "grab" more seeds and soil as needed.

Regarding the drip irrigation, the chains fail to have adequate drip irrigation supplies. Home Depot once had a good inventory, but no more. I am willing to meet with a respresentative from each chain to discuss the drip irrigation seminar/supplies. This is where you can make more money as the bulk items (hose) will be sold in cut lengths while individual supples (connectors) can be sold individually. You can tie the sale proceeds into a charity. As is, the average person has to buy more than they need thus discouraging drip irrigation. Anyone who does not use drip irrigation with a $15 timer simply should not garden because one's garden is going to dry and die.

If more people raise veggies, we will save money and slow inflation. People save more by learning gardening pleasures. Instead of anxiety-drive "shop till ya drop" one will have "grow till ya glow." One can give up the "rat race" for the "root race."

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