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To whom it may concern,

I would like for Southern States to expand "Seedbees." Last year at a Richmond Elementary School, I held a seedbee in which students checked off which seeds they wanted (form) and then used an egg-carton as a seed starter. The "Thank you" letters indicate it was a great success.

I have created an internet site (Seed-Bees.com) to allow any school or organization to conduct a seedbee which would be  like a bake sale from which the school can raise money with more benefits than calorie-filled cooking. I estimate $3 per student. I am more than willing to give you all rights to the concepts and process by which you would not only sell seeds but would draw many new and old customers to your stores. Your webmaster can populate the site with all the Southern State logos that you want.

Most people think of Southern States as a farmers hangout or a second-level Lowes/HomeDepot. They would change their mind if they visited your store. You would sell more than forks, hoes and rakes for gardens and clothes. And, you could set up a seed an on-line seed ordering system like Burpee etc to allow schools to order seeds from you. Seed-bees would complement your selling baby chickens in concept and spirit. In so doing, your company would come full-circle since it began as Virginia Seed Service in 1923.

These are the ways that you could increase your financial bottomline at your 1200 stores.

  1. Have a person help me polish the seedbee site the name of which you can have (I would like a byline credit as having originated the idea and process in 2013 at Patrick Henry Elementary School).
  2. Conduct a mailing to schools, contact PTA's, and have a small handout for shopping bag insertion at the checkout counters.
  3. Have an on-line listing of tiller services (I am lending a tiller to my local school for use by an unemployed parent to till for school participants.)
  4. Drip or skip: It is very important to emphasize the need for a drip irrigation. If people won't do it with a timer then they should not put in a garden. They will forget to water or over-water. By mid-June their garden will be history with them complaining about gardening not being worth the effort. I have a drip form that people can email in the week before so your stores can gauge needed supply. Most people will only have the need of four or five lines of 20/30 foot length which with a timer would cost $30-$40 retail with a 7 to 10 year life expectancy (or $3 to $6 per year amortized). If you have boxes of elbows and t's, it would be a family project to construct the line at Southern States. I have provided on Seed-bee.com examples of layouts.
  5. I also encourage people to can--see Joys of Canning. My best year (2012) was 500 quarts.

Because I believe in this project and sadly don't have the time because of a bigger project which is the Primary Moral Imperative of reversing climate change. In 1982 I wrote an essay in which I said we would have record droughts broken by record deluges. The missing consideration is the hydrophilic property of CO2 which soaks up water from the ground and prevents upper level precipitation from reaching the ground. Once saturated and agitated, voila, massive release of water in a short time in a small area--see Organic Thesis of CO2 induced climate extremes. The same mechanism explains the crazy 2013-14 winter--see Polar Timebomb.

You are an industry very much affected by climate change. I believe young people getting their hands in the dirt will raise their environmental awareness. Also, if families dissipate anxieties in the garden then they are less likely to engage in unnecessary "CO2-sinning," that is, they will trade shop-till-ya-drop for grow-till-ya-glow. Said another way, give up the rat race for the root race.

I am willing to put in writing a warrant of 5,000 shares to your company (IPO~$25) with a share for each dollar you pay an assistant to learn and manage Seed-Bees for what I call a safer, saner world. I have enough pennies to live comfortably. You can keep or donate the shares. What I don't have as I grow older is time.

If I have not heard from you within a reasonable time in the form of an appointment to review what we can do for each other, I will have to approach the next corporate entities on my list, Lowe's and Home Depot. Believing that employee ownership is the best form of capitalism, I'd prefer to work with you.

Please note that nowhere have I asked for a single penny. I am one of those lucky "From whom much has been given, much is expected."

Bob Barnett
804 513-0727

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