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Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

Your publicized the "Mayors Challenge" (June, 2012) to fund better community problem-solving with $5 million cannot be done without the concepts and tools of Timism developed over several decades. My visual chronology documents the decades of effort to promote better democracy and better capitalism. My resume list numerous egghead achievements. My writings of the late 1970's and early 1980's is the basis of my consistent belief in the power of democracy and capitalism

Whether or not you lend me $1,000,000 apart from your promo, I will continue on the present course. I will cover more ground faster with the loan. In exchange I will give your 50,000 of my "lifehour" shares in Timism, Inc, which you can trade back per the lifehour exchange form. The value of timistic lifehour is the current average hourly wage of the US worker, about $25. Also, I will give you something more valuable than all your money, gene pool "Super-GOOHF's" for use when the inevitable Manheaven Commission implements drastic actions to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth.

Conceptually and realistically, we are in an existential meltdown in which all of our public and private problem-solving institutions are being inundated with tidal waves of problems ... with fewer lifeguards trained as problem-solvers to save humanity from drowning in problems. You are in some or many ways guilty of directly or indirectly being a decaptialist fueling the foolishness of monetarism, etc. GOOHFs will trumps any future retroactive claims against you and yours. For instance, if a retroactive tax were inacted for certain decapitalistic practices, you could trump the claim on any of your wealth so proscribed. In general I am against economic privileges of this nature. However, my wife deserves to retire for which I will offer others the shout of "Hypocrite!"

Conceptually and realistically, we need to "re-time" our problem-solving institutions so that the right, duty, responsibility and power to solve the problems is apportioned to the optimal level of human organization--level rights. Traditionally, one has heard of the dichotomy of "states" versus "human" rights. This is one of the reasons that society jerks around like a car with a two-speed transmission. Bad moral systems prompt people to view this dichotomy as a matter of the rule of the jungle or the golden rule version #2 (He with the gold makes the rule). Thus, for survival in not trusting others with one's fate, one supports a particular allocation of power with the caveat that is better to overpower than underpower.

Ignored in this two-level rights dichotomy is how the power to solve problems if not optimal to the problem level means the time-wasting problems will not be solved. Two consideration:

  1. You, Mayor, are a better than average problem-solver but like all of us you put pants on one leg at a time and you have only 24-hours in your day. Of the 24-hours, you only have so many good problem-solving hours wherein you are hightly motivated to solve a problem before you burn or peter out. Let us say you have a 12-hour problem-solving attention span. Thus, you could solve one 12-hour problem or  three 4-hour problems.
  2. If you consolidate the poorer to solve all five-minute and ten-minute into your defined duties, you will be nickled and dimed to death. You may be able to repond to 12-hours of problems but you would be irresponsible (unable to respond) to more hours of problem-solving.
  3. The relation of problem-solving ability and one's attention/emotion/motivational span is very real. Kids classified as ADHD are poor problem-solvers because they mentally cannot keep the parts of problems in their brain long enough to solve the problem. You are the opposite with your ASD--Attention surplus disorder. However, like me, with your ASD you can walk on water ... if frozen four inches thick.
  4. You, like me, can and will sweep a floor as good as anyone. However, to sweep floors all the time would be a waste of our ASD bigger problem-solving attention capacity. In order to keep an emotional reserve for any sudden, big-time problem, we leverage our time by delegating the duty to solve lower-time problems to others.
  5. Habitual politicians tend to directly or indirectly consolidate the power to solve problems into their own hands, often far above the optimal level to right a wrong, aka, level rights. Directly, they do this because theyt want to power to maintain their lock on the political office. Indirectly, they do this by promising people impossible something-for-nothings that lures the average voter into a blindness to an approaching castastrophe, e.g., Social Security benefits and pensions. The politicians can promise till hell freezes over but individuals that don't initiate a self-pension are going to be left out in the cold of a hell frozen over.

National politicians need to realize the growing need to allocate, apportion and delegate the power to solve lesser problems to lower levels of human organization. The US Congress enacting National Clean Diaper Day is a shitty waste of their time. Our national big problems are not solved because habitual politicians focus on the small quick fixes in order to get re-elected.

Conceptually and realistically, we need to implement "level rights" so that problems are solved quickly and efficiently at the best level of human organization. Too often people abuse "right" and "rights" to igknow the full meaning, that is, one has a right when one does what is right. Laws should not only encourage and protect people's rights but require people to do right rather than do wrong. With a $15 trillion national debt and a cornocopia of state, local, corporate and personal de facto bankruptcies, we can no longer afford a carrot to motivate.

The "Morality of More Time" provides an objective basis for ascertaining the fine and shifting lines between rights and wrongs. Pedestrians may have the right-of-way but cemetaries have many bodies which were dead wrong. This analogy captures the role of an informed, educated citizenry eliminating the need for numerous, metaphorical legislative stop lights, double stop lights, timed stopped lights, etc.--expensive tax-wastes because people will not self-govern in a responsible way. Independent of legal laws, if a person or people do not do what is right they will suffer what is wrong.

Ultimately, with the requirement of continual education, people will self-govern so that formal public policy-making will be less and less needed. Afterall we cannot have the "best government is the government that governs least" if the polity will not self-polish to self-police in the polis. Afterall, whether individual or re-presentatives, when the politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite and polished without pollution and police.

The tools of timism will implement not only what you want but will implement more. You are basically seeking the first two steps of solving any problem--describe and prescribe. But, you also need the last two steps--organize and motivate--which timism provides through Global Democracy at timism.net. Part and parcel to better democracy is better capitalism.

Wall Street is a den of decapitalists, semantic thieves who have hijacked capitalism in name and use but not in literal or historical honesty. True capitalism only exists when the action of one's head creates time that can be used better one's world. Playing games with funny numbers on funny paper which decapitalizes production and decapitates employment is not capitalism--it is decapitalism, economic bloodshed.

The tools of timism which are necessary to achieve your goals are (the links are the indexes of each tool):

  1. Brainbees--like spelling bees in a hierarchy of small competitions to spell out the biggest problem affecting the most people. Spelling bees can be used zero-primaries as well as citizen legislation. They can be used to vertically select Presidential candidates beginning at the bottom or to initiate legislation affecting a give level of economic/political activity, e.g., neighborhoods, etc.
  2. Lifehours: The real value of any action that trancends the boundaries of centuries and nations is the time created, saved, or wasted by a human action. Economically and morally, lifehours quantify whether one is part of the solution or part of the problem.
  3. Global Democracy, aka, timism.net: A hierarchy of fossil politics and lifesaving democracy to fulfill the primary moral imperative.

There are other tools but these are the main ones to tap the intelligence of we, the people, who live with the problems so as to find our Einstein Moments.

Thus, you can achieve your goal in a way that will greater and broader than you originally planned not as a grant but as a profitable loan. More important than money is bringing about a safer, saner world for one and all which has always been the goal of the thinking behind timism.

So, mail or deliver two checks to the Emergency Room at Ricmond V.A. Center (McGuire Hospital). I will create an account for you wherein I will transfer the lifehours. Also, include the name of all you gene pool, laterally and downward so I can create accounts for them with Super-GOOHF status for return to you.

Thank you for you time,

Robert S. Barnett

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