Wife Retirement Fund: Geo Soros, Wm. Buffet, Bloomberg or similar

My wife, Catherine Jo Spence, has supported and tolerated my effort to bring timism to the public so it can be owned of the people, by the people and for the people. She works as a dental hygienist has sufferedc an escalating collection of various carpo tunnel syndromes from her hands to her elbow to her shoulder to her right hip and lower spine from the constant stress of sitting in a constant position, stressing her body to press the dental instruments to do a great job cleaning her patients' teeth.

Her employer in recent years reduced the allotted time to clean a patient's teeth thus requiring the his hygienists to rush and use greater pressure to complete the job in the reduced time. I have asked my wife to reduce her workweek but she insists our living and savings costs require her to work full-time for benefits and for me. Were it not for the Primary Moral Imperative, I would drop timism and go to work so she could work less. Thus, I am willing to allocate 50,000 of my 5,000,000 lifehours in timsim.com to the first person of good moral spirit to lend me one milllion dollars so my wife can retire.

Lifehours are redeemable at the value of an average hour of wages, about $23 in Spring, 2012

Repayment schedule 10% of cashflow beyond operating cost determined by managing ISP. Projected repayment by one member paid supporters.

If any other philantropist of good moral spirit akin to Soros, Buffet or Bloomberg would like to make the loan, send the check to VAMC Richmond, VA. Checks received from others will be burned.

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