CO2 Litigation Fund

A national lawfirm is sought via Abacus Bank to litigate and stop several source of CO2, the Global Multi-Tasking Molecule. Those sources are as follow:

  1. California BTU Tax: California's Fossil Fuel Foolishness is behind West Coast Droughts and downwind deluges/flooding and causes millions of dollars in damage. A BTU tax would be a monthly 10% increase in a tax on all forms of fossil fuel oxidation until BTU generation is cut in half.
  2. Stop Atlantic Coast Pipeline (Gaston and Harvey): Understanding that hurricanes are de facto carbonization process  (like a soda pop plant where CO2 is injected into liquids) the reduction of CO2 generation will eliminate hurricanes with massive downpours, e.g., Harvey, Sandy and Gaston, which stall on the coast--see Hurricanes for Dummies.
  3. Bracken Fields: Are killing the downwind bees by CO2's hydrophilia, aka, dessication.
  4. Keystone Pipeline (Hurricane Harvey): Generating unnecessary CO2.

The law firm will sue in federal court to stop the CO2 generation arguing from the 35 years of climate research by this writer--see essays listing. The evidence is clear to those without vision clouded by greed, i.e., the petrophiliacs. In addition, the legislative process will be addressed via Timists, the Party of More Time, using the zero-cost primary process to elect non-petrophiliacs to state and federal offices.

Please donate via the Super Brainbee. A donation is a two-fer loan , that is, you receive both lifehour credits and warrants, that is, you will in sequence of donations be paid back in cash from Timism Cash Flow and receive an equivalent number of lifehour credits. Most importantly, you will helping fund the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from climate chaos, aka, global dying.