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Account holder: Please help your favorite columnist by submitting your feedback or letter via webpage or general forums.

If the columnist has not created his or her own submission page, you can encourage them by emailing the columnist. You might offer a variation on our communication. Columnists will receive the final seven to review and comment on.

A special request for the Twins : Ann and Abby

General Forums: Columnists for whom email addresses could be found, see bottom of page.

[Note: A newspaper can have one form for all columnists or each columnist can have their own form]

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One way opinions? The forums would have been more if I could find email addresses. I can understand not wanting a flood of email. But all public opinion shapers need feedback to better gauge and feed the public. I hope these shakers and movers will send me a letter with their email address as well as a webpage posting indicating that they will soon have a on-line forum to prioritize the top seven feedback from their

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