No Pro-Litter Organizations

The number one human problem behind most, if not all, other human problems including global dying from rising CO2 sinning is too many people. Anyone who is trying to save lives or extend human longevity is guilty of winning battles of saving individuals while losing the war of saving life on earth. Therefore, the tools of timism should not be shared with organizations that are engaged in pro-littering Mother Earth with more CO2 sinners. If you are a non-profit engaged in pro-littering, e.g., so-called ProLife, careless caring NGOs, please do not submit a request for cheap accounts. Your money will not be returned. Final decision on an application rest solely with through its associates.

Published as a Letter to the Editor in 1992, this truer than ever. Words escape this writer to describe his reaction when the leader of the largest and oldest pro-litter group (the pope of the catholic church) berates civilian authorities for not helping the hungry, impoverished and unemployed masses, or, as Karl Marx said, the "proletariat"--Latin for big litters. Who consistently opposes family planning? Who promotes big litters in families? Life-killers!

Keeping alive humans that Mother Earth cannot afford hastens the death of life on earth. Our lifeboat planet can only convey so many to the future. Democratic plebiscites are needed to determine the occupants.

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