Personal Animosity toward Private Universities

They foster snobs not by virtue of achievement but by virtue of mommy's money and daddy's dollar. Acquainted with only one personally (but many via media accounts), I have my list of shockers that I know are not isolated to my local private college.

  1. Tuition, Room and Board is about $60,000/year.
  2. The university grew from stock given by a company that went bankrupt because it would not spend ten cents to make a device save that killed many women as well as ruining the plumbing of thousands. Yet, the family name is plastered all over the buildings. Like corporate insiders stealing from the middle-class via 401ks so has this university been built with legally stolen millions of dollars.
  3. It's graduates give great amounts of stock to fund chairs, programs and schools. Again, this is a school funded by decapitalists legally stealing the savings and pensions of the middle class.
  4. A few decades ago, I was invited to attend a community think exercise to garner ideas on how the city and counties could work better together. It became very clear early on that the moderators had a hidden agenda which they were foisting on the participants while seeking soundbytes to further their agendas.
  5. In Summer, 2013, my wife and I drove to this university to pick up two foreign students for dinner. Approaching the dorm, I asked my wife, "Is that what I think it is?" "Yes" About 25 feet to right of dorm entry was a bench with female on her back with legs wrapped around a guy humping away ... just looking at us as if they were doing something that we envied. A few weeks later, the local paper announced that this private university had spent big money to make the student center more "intimate." Did not seem to me like the students needed an intimate building to be intimate.
  6. A school that encourages or tolerates Aldous Huxley sexual freedom on campus may have money but not morals.

Idle minds are the workshops of the devil with the size of the workshop being determined by the amount of unearned money. Earned money keeps the mind busy within a moral mentality based on solving real problems. Private universities, especially religious-affiliates like the university above, matriculate students that are warped. (Reading the bio and philosophy of the campus minister confirmed this.)

Private schools are expensive and inefficent for the money spent on them. The more expensive, the greater the waste. Harvard is the gas-guzzler of higher education. If the Harvard's endowment were spent on pencils and papers for public school, we would have a more literate society. Everywhere one finds financial or political malfescence, the thumb is in hasty pudding. Playing the oil markets, Harvard endowment made $3 billion in speculation: That is $3 billion taken from average persons who had to pay higher fuel prices. And, Harvard is merely the tip of decapitalistic, monopolistic economic and political system that uses private schools to groom the next generation of legal thieves like the local private Baptist school. For private religious schools, the church-state separation is a one-way street as they inject themselves into public debates to get public support.

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