Secular Organizations Only

Some may object to limiting this offer to secular organizations. However, the problems being addressed by the tools of timism are secular in nature. Furthermore, consistently the non-secular organizations claim a super-natural "power of prayer" which they should figure out how to use so as to solve the problems of prayer. As is, past and present, the believers in the power of prayer have consistently fought and killed each other over as to whose god should be the object of prayer.

The elephant in the room is climate change from human CO2 sinning which would be more appropriately deemed global dying. As the biomass and foodchain collapses, one will see in more nations the rising tide of religious civil wars as factions try to monopolize the dwindling foodstocks. This is what is driving the conflicts in Africa, the Mideast, Central Asias, Southeast Asia, etc. Too many religious leaders blame the non-believers for incurring their god's wrath upon them in the form of droughts and floods.

We cannot solve the secular problems of humanity if the developed solutions are contaminated by irrelevant factors. The praying believers need to admit that their private prayers in home and church have not worked which should, prima facea, prompt them to stop trying to force public prayer. Prayer is liking ringing the doorbell on a facade of a home on a Hollywood movie set after everyone else has gone home.

  1. Every moment of prayer is a moment taken away from the real problems of life. Religions are a central force behind global dying. In all regards, some mysterious place elsewhere which no one has ever seen is the focus of billions of human hours as a solution to human travails and suffering. Thus, the less they contaminate better democracy and better capitalism the better will be these timistic twins.
  2. Every mile driven to-and-fro from one's place of worship and prayer is another unnecessary mile of CO2-sinning that is speeding up climate change and global dying. The Nazi holocaust pf gassing humans was bad, but not as bad as the global holocaust of humans gassing each other with CO2 sins. The Nazis killed millions. CO2-sinners are killing billions as well as all life on earth.

The secular earthly problems of Mother Nature will not be solved by persons holding alien allegiance to some imaginary place. A national discussion and plebiscite needs to be held on the separation of church and state. To update Lincoln's 1858 Senatorial acceptance speech, "A nation divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half secular and half alien." Unfortunately, if we all became illogical aliens who prayed 24/7 we would surely not endure. Our only hope is enough good men act to end the tyranny of illogical, emotional religions.

Secular includes traditional public schools that are tax-funded. They do not include religious or private schools, colleges or universities. Students, staff or parents associated with private non-secular schools can signup via the TV-Ad lending option.

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