Monopoly on Promotional Items

A multi-faceted printer will be given a monopoly on promotional items. For certain items, the member will receive a two-fer loan for the purchase price. The printer receives the purchase price while Timism credits the member with the lifehour credits and warrants. It really is a win-win situation for all involved.


  1. Timism reserves the rights to the design and content of all items including Bumper Stickers. A weekly brainbee will be held for members to submit ideas for bumper stickers.
  2. Membership cards (below) will be customized to each new member with an email containing firstname, lastname, homestead level and amount as well as the email address to be used for sponsorship.
  3. Other promotional items will be designed by the monopolist with all, some or none having the two-fer timism follow-up of the purchase cost: Only membership cards and bumper stickers have a guaranteed two-fer Timism bonus.
  4. The monopoly rights expire at 10,000,000 members with the initial printer having rights of first refusal if production is not internally produced.

Member card examples: