(webpage: www.timism.com/PR2017/PayPalRequest.htm)



I would like a $5,000 PayPal loan to hire two PayPal php programmers to complement/replace my credit card processing through Authorize.net with PayPal payments.

Before reviewing Timism's business model and Viral Global Social Network please consider my summary bona fides:

  1. Scored record high in final exam of US Navy electronics school, a de facto bachelors in electrical engineering.
  2. Completed U.G. requirements at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in just over two years cum laude ... one semester aced 24 hours ... completed pre-med organic chemistry as an overload in two months.
  3. In 1982 wrote that rising CO2 levels would cause worsening droughts with downwind deluges and flooding based on my understanding of the atmosphere as an electro-chemical process, not NOAA printouts--see CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killler Molecule.
  4. In 1980s, wrote a program for Blue Cross/Blue Shield that yielded over $250,000 in revenue.
  5. If you like getting depressed, see Global Dying for a listing of all the major droughts that developed downwind from developed major oil fields.
  6. In early 2000s, wrote Hurricanes for Dummies predicting fewer, but more massive hurricanes ... the new norm, e.g., Harvey, Irma, & Jose.
  7. Listing of essays on climate change
  8. If you want to test your iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence), read Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence.
  9. Stability: Lived in Chatwell since 1979 with 4000 sqft garden--see CaveGarden.

FoMoInfo, see resume and achievements as well as exceptional references.

All scripts have been tested in a sandbox as well as live. However, the only ones that have undergone beta-testing are:

  1. Signup (free for first 1,000,000)
  2. In Super Brainbee (Please note: One webpage for all nations, states, cities, towns and village public policy-making.)
    1. Homestead bonus (Over 500,000 fee paying openings)
    2. Endow (member pays one hour of wages to receive a lifehour credit for each person who votes for the endowed public institution)
    3. Donate (temporary pending positive cashflow).
    4. Nation addition, Crowd Funding for a new nation setup, about $9,000,000 in on-line fees.
    5. Champions (20 Categories of 100,000 positions: Nt, Rg, St, Fedlo, StUp, StLo, Postal requiring one hour of wages to receive associated lifehour bonus.
    6. Elementarist: 6 Cateories of 100,000

In testing the signup, it is limited by a filter. Three *@paypal.com are allowable so you can test it.

Key links to visit are to see  

  1. 24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
  2. Timism: The Morality of More Time
  3. Cashflow

If you make the loan, I will fly from Richmond to have two employees create Paypal parallels to my dozens of Authorize.net payment scripts. I do not see how they could not do it in a few hours. Each will receive a 2500 lifehour bonus plus a wages.

PayPal might also be interested in the financial opportunities listed at Abacus Federal Savings Bank upon which I can discuss if you make the $5000 loan.

If you cannot make this loan for Timism to hire a couple of your programmers, please let me know. I will try a neo-PayPal processor.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Bob Barnett