Survey Feedback:
Refinance Loans,
Reduce Workweek and
Community Service for Healthcare

  1. Refinance all loans to zero-interest loans with profit-sharing payback. After all, the habitual politicians have been refinancing rich people's assets with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae and the Federal Reserve (which is buy $80 billion each month of rich people's bonds). The only reason that middle-class folk don't get simple, cheap refinancing is because we are not organized.
  2. Share job time or share jobless crime ... along with higher taxes, inflation and stress. If I could cut your cost of living by eight hours of wages a week, would you be willing to work eight hours less? In the end you would have more money. Why? Everyone above you would be working less with more promotions to fill the bosses shoes when he is not there. More importantly, as the under-emmployed are pulled on the career ladder, the costs of joblessness would go down. Because the average person pays eight hours in interest costs each week, directly or indirectly, refinancing loans would lower their cost of living by eight hours which could be converted into a shorter workweek with less unemployment, less crime, less taxes and less inflation.
  3. With people having more time, they could volunteer in community service. If I cut your workweek by eight hours with you having the same or more disposable income, would you be willing to volunteer half the time-savings to the community? Schools, Veterans, Seniors, etc?
  4. As is the average person works six hours a week for health care at work. If you could get the same or better healthcare coverage by working six hours in community services, would you be willing to work six hours less on your job? Thus, we would create another six hours of work need which would pull more people onto and up the career ladder.

By better employing our human resources, we can have a 24-hour workweek in four years with more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer saner world. We are not going to grow our way our of economic problems which are worsen by useless stimulus nor, sadly, is the Affordable Healthcare Act going to succeed. It is not just the computer program, it is the economics: How many health young people, underpaid, are going to pay hundreds of dollars when emergency healthcare if free?

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