Wanted: Student Interns for Timism

The originator of timism intends to organize a research staff of student interns to help launch the nine "Armadas" of timism. Two or three students will be recruited for each of the levels in the periodic table of existence: Physics, life, mentality, economics, politics and morality. In addition, administrative staff will be needed as well as an information department (programming and web managers). Compensation and benefits will be far better than average internship without considering the career headstart as charter-shaper of timism for public consumption.

Timism is multi-faceted with areas of interest that overlap a student's personal, general and career interest. These areas are organized by departments with email guideline.

A student can apply for a student intern position when the student intern recruitment begins. Applicants will be first ranked by their contribution to launching Timism.com. Going down the list, the first person(s) with the qualifications will be recruited.

The quantification of helping to launch Timism.com is as follows.

  1. Marketing: Using Google's News service, a student daily reviews the links of his interest based on his department. To the columnists who wrote the article an email is sent referencing an interface between the columnist column and the corresponding timism websegment. The first Student to get an AP-wire story referencing Timism.com receives an IOU for four years of tuition. The 2nd Student receives 3 years. The 3rd Student receives 2 years. The 4th receives 1 year.
  2. Recruiting: If one supports the analysis and aims of timism, one can not only sign up as a supporter but recruit others. The ranking of student applicants for internship will be based on number of recruits. Being the top recruiter in your career area does not guarantee you an internship but it does guarantee that your qualifications will be the first reviewed.

While the originator of timism could and may do the marketing, his self-service does not create a yardstick by which to measure the interest of applicants for the needed intern organization.

In summary, during your Thanksgiving break, you could spend ten minutes reviewing Google's New service in your area of interest to email the newswriter. Besides bringing about public awareness of a new paradigm of thinking, you will receive credit for your time. In addition, if you are the first person to get an AP-wire story on your area of timism then you will get a tuition IOU from Timism.com.


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