Viral, Global Social Media: Timism


Why Timism should become a viral, global social media:

  1. 24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime. People will support

    1. Refi-13: A one-time, refinancing of all loans to zero or near-zero interest rate.
    2. Healthcare Reform: Community service for healthcare cost.
    3. Educators' Flip-Flop Workweek.
  2. Lifehours: A new cybercurrency tied to solving of problems reflecting the origin of currency, "What is our time currently worth."
    1. Eliminate dysfunctional currencies which allow politicians and bankers to steal from the workers who create the wealth of existence.
    2. Capitalism is a victim of identity theft: Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite, decapitalize businesses and decapitate jobs--decapitalism.
    3. Trade on-line.
  3. Brainbees: Tap of the intelligence of we the people who live with the problems to find our Einstein Moments.
    1. Democracy's essence: demos cratia, divisioning to rule/work in size and time.
    2. Citizen Legislation ... (1st National Citizen Legislation)
    3. Zero-Cost Primaries, the front-door to democracy
    4. OneTime Brainbees: Optimizing public meetings and seminars
    5. Super Brainbee: One webpage that could standardize all public offices and services for all nations, states, cities and villages with lifehour rewards as well as lifehour determinations.
    6. Youth Wisdom Forums ... Personal Democracy
    7. Receive lifehour credit based on the time-worthiness of the problem solutions.
  4. VoteTime, the back-door of democracy: Simple, universal, redundant voting system using old computers and scanners.
  5. Endowments within Focus Groups
  6. Exporting better democracy and capitalism
    1. Crowdfunding New Nations (Batch file to create new nation's files and databases in 90 seconds.)
    2. Timists: The Party of More Time