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Voting Reform Commission from Mall of Humanity

Limited to Citizens of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis will be a testing ground for the voting reform proposals to standardize for cutting costs and eliminating fraud. The goal is to have three teams at each polling place with each team have an off-the-shelf computer and scanner running simple software to provide the trinity of integrity.

Volunteers will receive lifehour credits for helping prove out the proposals. Steps and requirements are

  1. Signup for an account if you don't have one
  2. Test out the on-line downloadable ballots for the City of Minneapolis Elections
  3. Printoff the ballot
  4. Download and test a good scanner program:
  5. Download the universal vote counting program
  6. Sign up for being a Voting Reform Volunteer By Ward and Precinct
  7. Schedule of testing and refining: Minneapolis has 13 wards and ?? precincts. To properly test this software in parallel to the existing vote counting machines,  ten people are needed for each precinct,
    • 7 test votes: 4 and 3 ... signup ... meeting meals ... Cuzzies
    • 49 test votes:
    • 343 test a Target?
    • 2401 Metrodome/Twins for a new meaning for Minnesota Twins: Better Democracy and Capitalism.

    • Meetings will be announced for 3 to 5 days later
  8. Participants can expect to fly to other cities to assist in training others on how to set up voting reform using readily advailable computers and scanners: Minneapolis exporting the problem-solving Minnnesota Twins, better democracy and capitalism.

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