Legal Eagles

Brain Bee

The advent of timism and lifehours will create new avenues of compromise, arbitration and litigation. A law firm can become a national and international leader in these issues by working with the originator of these forces for reform in economics, accounting and politics.


  1. General organizational benefits , e.g., on-line brain bees to tap intelligences of customers.
  2. Inside, ahead of the envelope awareness of the future of finance and accounting, e.g., lifehours
  3. Initial service receives one million lifehour tax credits.
  4. Be a shaker, mover and "affluencer" in a $3 billion leverage buyout of corrupt politicians.
  5. Earn an eternal advertising claim better than being an Olympic Sponsor: Proud Partner in Press For Better Democracy and Capitalism, an entitlement limited to only a few partners which does not have to be rebought or rebribed--see Democratic Capitalism.

If you are interested, please use the finders' fee form to initiate and/or complete the application.

An on-line brain bee has been provided to law firms that could be a partner--brain bee forum.

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