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Tenets of Democratic Capitalism

Like my wife's cooking, I hope you enjoy most of the following as I do. As with her cooking, I hope there is enough in the following banquet of reforms to prompt you to be a continual diner at the table of better democracy and capitalism.
  1. On-line Democracy for Citizen Legislation: Use modern telecommunications to tap the intelligence of the concerned citizens who live with and suffer from the costly chronic problems. Provide citizen legislation for Congress to vote on, the President to sign/veto and the Supreme Court to accept or reject.
  2. Term Limits for Elected Office: One-term, no pensions.
  3. Tax simplification and reduction:
    • Single, Real-time Taxation of all Transactions with Lifehour options
    • Reduces taxes by solving unsolved problems
    • Tax the politically favored who escape taxes.
    • Implement usage fees where needed to reflect individual rather than societal use of goods or services.
  4. Capitalism or Decapitalism: Establish economic guidelines to determine if policies promote capitalism for a fewer few (decapitalism) or capitalism per capita. Stop all legal thievery, especially through the tax system.
  5. Women: 50 % of legislative bodies.
  6. Bill of Responsibility to Complement Bill of Rights
  7. De-Politicize Public Appointees: At all levels, all positions to be filled through the colfilperhone on-line democracy: Departments/Cabinet, Ambassadorships, Commissions, and Judgeships. If a public servant cannot work best with the peoples' selected best, they should not be entrusted with the public trust. Currently, incompetent people get public problem-solving positions because of political campaign contributions.
  8. Freedom of Information Act expansion
    • Open meetings: Post all meeting schedules to internet, all correspondence, all letters, faxes and communications
    • Posting of all budgets and purchases on-line for citizen review and censure.
    • Post all purchase requests for open bidding to reduce fraud.
    • Open meetings: Pre-Post schedule of meetings persons and content with follow-up confirmation
  9. Staggered Elections to eliminate election jerks in the economy with monthly elections promote better democracy
  10. Eliminate the necrotic jobs that come from not organizing people to solve their own problems. Necrotic jobs contribute to the existential meltdown, for it costs people more time to use others than it takes to self-do the job.
  11. Amnesty for subordinates of habitual politicians who for reasons of job security tolerated or assisted misuse of tax dollars provided the subordinated has provided recorded documentation of the fraud via the anonymous Fraud Finder process.



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