Why PBDC will have a minimum of 100 million daily transaction in one year

On-line spelling bees are to human decision-making what accounting/bookkeeping software is to a business.

  1. Currently, the number of bookkeeping/accounting transactions are in the billions each day.
  2. Currently, there are innumerable generic and proprietary software packages providing bookkeeping/accounting.

The difference between bookkeeping/accounting software and the timistic software is that this human decision-making software is both better than anything outthere and it is basically free. For many of the applications it not only cuts the cost from dollars and days to pennies and minutes but in a lot of cases it provides a service that does not currently exist. For a list of the applications refer to the home page listing of timistic applications. Timism.com has at the startup over 20,000 on-line brain bees for public and private human organizations from local to the global.

As brain bees are incorporated into different countries--see progress of democracy--more systems will be needed to extend the benefits of better democracy and capitalism throughout the economy.

On-line brain bees are the ultimate marketing tool which provides better information to top decision-makers in minutes for pennies versus days and dollars if ever. And, it is free. People will use it and pay the two cents because its cheaper than a postage stamp, faster than a bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

One hundred million transactions a day? Easily.

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