Individuals Define, Committees Refine

I am requesting special consideration from you in my promotion of better democracy and capitalism. If I am correct in the benefits of these problem-solving twins, you and yours will live in a safer, saner world. Your assistance will help me bring it about sooner. What I ask is not much.

The primary goal and product is "on-line" democracy for public and private entities. My marketing plan is to give it away to America as a whole with subsequent sales to states and cities as well as private concerns. The market in America alone is over 100,000 sales units with a minimum charge of $50,000. Equity ownership devolves primarily to the endusers who bring on-line democracy to life.

A project of this importance and magnitude cannot be judge by standard accounting and fiduciary qualifiers. Mankind stands on the threshold of a new world as significant as when Columbus sailed forth to discover America. His proposal could not be judged by anything more than a gut assessment of his person. Likewise with me.

While you may not understand the full ramifications--nor have received all the specifics because of secrecy requirements, please assist me because of my spunk, effort, intelligence, motivation, principles and timism.

  1. Effort to date
  2. Spunk
  3. Intelligence
  4. Basic principles: Democracy is organizing people to prioritize their time-wasting problems and then finding the best problem-solver regardless of race, sex or religion. Capitalism optimally rewards the problem-solvers by fulfilling the literal and logical meaning of "profit."
  5. Timism, a great achievement: Regardless of its ultimate value, I unraveled a system and vocabulary that unites all of our different  institutions into a common framework, timism. What kind of achievement would it be if I have created a framework, a subpart of which is the work of Albert Einstein? .

Timism is a clutter cutter when applied to problems. By helping me you will be giving yourself and your world a new set of tools to solve public and private problems. Wouldn't you like a problem-freer world?

Please help,

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