Falkland 1982 No Go

In early 1982 after nearly five years of thinking and worrying about the direction of America's future, I decided to relocate to an out of the way location to live simply and safely. My conclusions were summarized in an essay, "By the year 2000." My choice was the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic which had a small population of a few thousand. About six weeks later the newscasts were dominated by the Argentine invasion of the islands.

My goal of running from the coming problems was another instance of how no matter how fast one runs, one cannot outrun one's problems. At this time I concluded that the only solution to the cancer consuming humanity was to find a cure. What a Don Quixote!

The cure is better democracy and better capitalism. Unfortunately, with accelerating global dying, it may be too late to save life on earth, the primary moral imperative.

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