Highest Knower

If timism is the periodic table of existence worthy of the appelation "morality of more time" then I don't know everything but I know more of what is important than anyone, past or present. Knowledge is the like the cost of humanity which has two part, the cost of needs and the cost of wants. The former is the cost of living and the latter is the cost of lying. Our wants are self-lies by which we waste our time and worry our souls. Many are the people in the non-essential activities who have great knowledge of our wants but no needed knowledge.

If the existential meltdown continues accelerated by global dying then I can comfort myself with being the pinnacle of human understanding of existence for there will be insufficient time and means by which another can assimilate my four decades of intimacy with timism to extend it to a new, higher level. 'Links From' Pages linking to this page: ( )No IndexDir ... Refs General ... !RefsRvu ... !Dir.nts) InfoLinks (05-22-2015@07:28) Linkstat:LinksFrom2Table
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