"Evil triumphs when good men don't act."

Ultimate Terrorist

Terrorists can be rated on a continuum based on the number of lives impacted by their terrorist act. A person who stabs another with a knife does not rate as bad as the terrorist who blows up a loaded passenger plane. The ultimate terrorist would be a person who killed all life on earth or allowed life on earth to die.

Through a series of questions, I proposed that I am or can be the ultimate terrorist should I not act to save life on earth from global dying, the Primary Moral Imperative. Do you know some who ...

  1. Scored a record high on the final electronic comprehensive in the US Navy?
  2. Completed undergraduate requirements at a university of 29,000 in two years?
    1. Ace'd 24 hours in one grading period.
    2. Completed pre-med organic chemistry in two months, not nine.
  3. Wrote in 1982 "Droughts Forever" that predicted longer droughts with downwind deluges causing social, economic and political chaos? (Addtional key essays: hurricanes for dummies ... Polar Timebomb ... Alpha Trifecta ... Bees
  4. described in 1982 the housing bubble that exploded in 2007
  5. described in 1982 "monetary colonialism" whereby U.S. habitual politicians exported rather than solved our employment and economic problems
  6. Who explains climate change and extremes as electro-chemical atmospheric dyamics, to wit, the Organic Thesis and CO2/H2O fusion/fission.
  7. Who explains the linear speed of light as an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed of the smallest paticle thus explaining gravity and uniting relativity and quantum mechanics (E=MCC=Hf).
  8. Who explains how Capitalism is a victim of identity theft with Wall Street having hijacked the terms of capitalism to decapitalize production and decapitate jobs.
  9. Who offers 24in4 as a way to save the middle-class so as to save life on earth: Refinance 13, Share job time or jobless crime, and community service for healthcare costs.
  10. offers brainbees at tools for citizen legislation and zero-cost primaries not only for the U.S. but all public policy-making processes via the Super Brainbee.
  11. Votetime entry
  12. define the ultimate, absolute human currency that transcends the boundaries of politicians and centuries, the lifehour, as well as developed an on-line accounting system to reward those dedicated to solving problems so as to save life on earth.
  13. define the currency that trumps human currency, CO2 sinning.
  14. declared a global civil war between knowledge and igknowance.
  15. delienated the "whole plan" to save life on earth.
  16. can show the incremental, diffused fight against international terrorism is speeding up global dying.
  17. can show the usurists' financing of the war against terrorism is metastasizing destruction of the middle-class who will not care about climate change as they worry about their next glass of water: Never in history has so much been owed by so many to so few.

In reviewing the various top "most important," "most creative," etc. lists by major media outlets, e.g., Time Magazine, I see only shooting stars compared to my being the full moon in my potential to describe, prescribe, organize and motivate solutions to save life on earth from global dying.

Many organizations have encouraged me to be sadistic by withholding my knowledge:

  1. VaDentistMalpractice.com: Called me a racist and denied me medical treatment based on  a false accusation defaming my character.
  2. VAGulag.com: Worsening treatment with each protest against mistreatment.
  3. CrowJimism.com: Reverse racial discrimination.
  4. Crossroad Coffee shop: On two occasions offered to help Timism and at the last moment pulled the rug out.

I will let you decide whether you want to igknow or know by your actions for the better democracy, capitalism and morality. Support 24in4, signup as a member and donate a few dollars to help,.

If one understands that the Planet Earth is suffering an accelerating existential meltdown then one should have a Primary Moral Imperative of trying to save life on earth. But what if everyone else does not want to hear the Jeremiah? Should the knower become igknowant?

Do not expect solutions from the CO2 sinners, especially the CO2 sinners-in-chief: Obama, Ji and Merkle as well as the #1 Pro-Litterer, Pope Francis. They all have their own hidden "kick the can down the road" agendas.