Ambien: Taker Beware

  1. Richmond: One evening, I took an ambien. When I woke up, the bathroom lights did not work. Getting a flashlight I recognized that my hands were black. Waking my wife, she told me that I had started drinking some scotch and then went to the basement. A short while later, she heard a boom that was accompanied by the lights going out. Grabbing a flashlight, she descended into the basement to find me standing stunned next to the electrical circuit breaker box. For reasons, I don't know, I wanted to do some electrical work.
  2. One night while living in Minneapolis, I took an ambien. The next morning, I woke up to find a half-eaten meal next to my gun. I had no recollection of where the meal came from nor why the gun was out. With great trepidation and hesitation, I opened the gun's cylinder to see if any of the casing had the mark of discharge, a dimple in the middle. Fortunately, all were intact.

Beware: Ambien is a dangerous sleeping pill. I have been lucky. Before you take ambien, get in bed and stay in bed.

Being a scatological notetaker imbued with a curiosity of questioning an event out of the norm, I noticed a side effect of ambien that would, if true, increase the markets for ambien. This additional property is akin to how viagra as an erectile medication was an ancillary discovery of research into its cardiac benefits. Buttressing my belief is the role of the nearby brainstem nuclear centers in sleep and this condition. While it may not be a medical connection, I had a condition that would eventually lead to worsening pain, surgery and death. FTP option for Sanofi-Avnetis .

If Sanofi-Aventis would like my suggestion of  a possible additional benefits from ambien, donate $10,000 to the Volunteer Service at Veterans Administration, McGuire Hospital, Richmond, VA. I don't make any claim of certitude but I will say the condition disappeared which had both daytime and nightime manifestations that prompted others, when awake, to question if I seen a doctor about the symptom as what was the underlying cause.

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  1. 120831 This no longer valid. Why? In an overpopulated world fueling Global Dying--the elephant in the room--every human life-extender (doctor, researcher, scientist, pharmacist and NGO'r) is guilty of killng life on earth. They are winning the battles of saving individual lives while stoking the fires that will kill all life on earth. They are like the doctor doing heart surgery on a felons schedule for execution a few days after the surgery--see Winning the battles, losing the wars. The knee-jerk reaction to help others live longer has since been replaced by a growing awareness of the need for controlled depopulation.