A Toast To Toastmasters

The degree to which I am better today than I was a decade ago as a public speaker, I owe a lot to Toastmasters which can be found on the internet. If you are uncomfortable around people, you are probably shortchanging your intelligence as my speech impediment shortchanged me for so many years. At Toastmasters you will find a group of caring, fun-loving people on the level of aunts and uncles who want to help you do and be your best.

I have never met a person who completed the ten-speech Competent Toastmaster booklet who was not happier. I remember seeing wallflowers become the center piece of attention. I remember Jim W. learning to pace his delivery so that you were caught up in what he said. At my worse, my impediment was a 80%. Jim, if he did not slow down and choose his words had a 90% loss. But when Jim caught his rhythm, he was better than good. Oh, to have been a host of heaven to sing his praise.

Lesson: Every voice and every person is great when they find their niche and pace. If you are not happy at what you are doing, keep looking.

I remember people at Toastmasters who gave a special speech of thanks, acknowledging how their employer had noted a change. Often, the employer reward the growth with a promotion and a raise. Like all clubs, sororities, and fraternities, each has its own personality and focus. Take the time to visit several to find the one that fits your interest and goals. One of the reason for numerous advanced training manuals is a reflection of how speakers interests vary. Some clubs are sweat shops for rapid growth. Some are easier going. I liked the fastpace,.apocrine stimulators.

Most importantly about Toastmasters, we all have a lot more inside ourselves than we are able to share as a source of happiness for self and others. Toastmasters is one of those venues to bring out the "Georgi Girl" inside you. I know when I am in a public setting, I do better if I simply say, "Now, be a Toastmaster."

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