For being taken serious by new contacts, I offer my bona fides as a simple, short achievements listing:

  1. Double-Yolked Egghead
    1. Completed U.G. requirements at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in just over two years cum laude
      1. One semester aced 24 hours.
      2. Completed 9-month pre-med organic chemistry as an overload in two months.
    2. Graduate fellowship, focused on neuroscience with hobby of CO2 metabolism.
    3. Scored record high in final exam of US Navy electronics school, a de facto bachelors in electrical engineering without humanities.
    4. Late 1960s, youngest member of 88 electronic technicians who maintained the first two cellphones for the President to conduct war.
    5. In 1980s, wrote a program for Blue Cross/Blue Shield that yielded over $250,000 in revenue.
    6. In 1997, congressional run polled quarter of votes as an independent.
    7. Chew on this: The linear speed of light is an epiphenomenom of the rotational speed and precession angle of the basic particle of existence--kiss the Standard Model goodbye.
  2. In 1982 wrote that rising CO2 levels would cause worsening droughts with downwind deluges and flooding based on my understanding of the atmosphere as an electro-chemical process, not NOAA printouts--also see
    1. CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killler Molecule.
    2. Organic Thesis of CO2 Climate Change, Extremes and Contradictions
    3. Global Dying for a listing of all the major droughts that developed downwind from developed major oil fields
    4. Hurricanes for Dummies predicting fewer, but more massive hurricanes ... the new norm, e.g., Harvey, Irma, and Jose.
    5. AlphaTrifecta: Rising CO2 behind rise in Autism, ADHD, and Alzheimer.
    6. Listing of essays on climate change..
  3. Brainbees: An internet service to tap our intelligence to find our Einstein Moments to efficiently, effectively and economically solve our common public problems beginning with the biggest problems.
    1. Super Brainbee: A single webpage which could provide all public functions for all nations, states, cities, town and villages (bottom half) as well as define the lifehour, the honest, functional currency that transcends the boundaries of poltics, centuries and speculation: What is your time currently worth?
    2. OneTime Brainbees: Turn riotous public meetings into prioritized problem-solving forums or for academic efficiency in seminars.
    3. Citizen Legislation: Monthly citizen priorized problem-definition and problem-solutions.
    4. Zero-Cost Primaries: Money-free front door of democracy.
  4. If you want to test your iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence), read Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence.
  5. International crowdfunding to create Timism.?? in all nations.
  6. Stability: Lived in Chatwell since 1979 with 4000 sqft garden--see CaveGarden.

FoMoInfo, see resume and achievements as well as exceptional references. I do not know everything nor do I know how to save the world, however, no one knows more than I do on how to save life on earth from the climate chaos behind the accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown: Physics thru chemistry, metabolism, mentality, economics, politeness and morality. The price of my knowledge is the needed better democracy and capitalism of brainbees and lifehours. Will SIUE begin the first public step on the road to reversing climate change? I am at the end of my private pilgrimage.