131025 Damn.! Double Damn.!

After the revelations of spying on our allies, this offer has to be shelved.

Damn. Double Damn!


US Department of State, 2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20520
Washington Post
New York Times
Richmond Times Dispatch

Re: Limited-time offer for Super Brainbee (Universal Problem-Solver Brainbees)
[This communication can be accessed at Timism.com\Timism\BBNfo\Media\2013\LimitedTimeOfferUSPB13Sept01.htm to avail the reader of the links to documentation and substantiation.]

To whom it may concern:

I have a gift which I cannot afford to keep. It is a gift of long-standing creation which had been reserved to be owned by humanity rather than an individual.

For this individual and for decades, his primary focus has been better democracy and better capitalism which has been seen as the means to address global warming. In substantiation of this claim, please note (and review) the following:

  1. 1982 essay "Oil Droughts" which showed that rising CO2 would cause worsening droughts and deluges that would lead to social, economic and political chaos from the destruction of the food chain.
  2. 1992 newspaper advertisement in the Dallas Morning News which referenced brainbees and lifehours. Brainbees are the key to zero-cost elections to end the corruption from the money dictators who select the ballot candidates between which the voters get to choose, i.e., two-step, half-democracy.

My overall achievements and qualifications are not sub-par. Little appreciated--perhaps never--is how the linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed of the basic particle of existence. Summarizing my iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence) is the essay, "Timism: The Morality of More Time" which, simply, few have sufficient iCube to appreciated.

In effect, the USPB is the means by which the U.S. can easily export democracy to any country by which the secular, logical earthlings can be assisted in self-organizing to counter the igknowance and despotism of fanatics and radicals. The cost of running the USPB is far less than the cost of an Army company, an Air Force jet, a Navy tugboat or a Marine White House detail. Even if the USPB was not needed to address global dying, it would lower the cost of U.S. defense in many ways by assisting other nations in solving their own problems rather than those problems growing into our problems via terrorist acts. For instance, who does the U.S. deal with regarding the Syrian civil war? Let the brainbee process develop a hierarchy of secular, logical earthings to coordinate U.S. assistance.

[131025 Per Ron Ziegler, the following is "inoperative."]

Some will question the wisdom of entrusting the power of global brainbees to the N.S.A. in light of the 2013 revelations of spying and data mining.

  1. In general, the N.S.A. is one of the most apolitical agencies in the U.S. Typing errors and rogue employees should not be blown out of proportion.
  2. Data mining was blown out of proportion. It is like a environmental researcher analyzing the effluent at a sewage treatment plant for radioactive levels with the mission of tracing any elevated levels back up the pipelines to the point of origin to protect the population. Quite simply, the response of the general public and the habitual politicians was another indication of how dumb Americans have become.
  3. Anyone who thinks the N.S.A. would stuff the ballot box does not understand either brainbees or the N.S.A.

This individual does not have the following

  1. Financial resource to build an adequate system to protect the integrity of the Universal Problem-Solver Brainbees.
  2. The time to raise funds to expediously implement the physical infrastructure.
  3. The stamina of a younger person.

A personal note to the employees of the N.S.A. and other addressed U.S. agencies: Without optimal implementation of brainbees, you have no future for your loved ones or yourself. If it is the case that we have passed both the tipping point and the recovery point then this missive and offer is mute. On the assumption and with the hope that there is still time enough to save life on earth, you need to move as quickly as possible to indicate an intent to manage the Universal Problem-Solver Brainbees.

Interested parties should place an ad in the legal section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch stating an interest in accepting and managing the Super Brainbee for humanity along with a video by the

So, if the U.S. government wants the brainbee software with the N.S.A. managing the USPB then it needs to place an ad in the legal notice section of the Richmond Times Dispatch as well as place a video of department/agency heads (State, Pentagon, N.S.A., F.B.I, and C.I.A.) at by which each head states an acceptance of the duty to initiate and defend the Super Brainbee. Using FTP to ascertain interest, the confirmation will be followed by my visiting the State Department to follow its lead in implementing N.S.A. management of Super Brainbee. (Please do not come to my house.)

It is important to note and well worth considering is how, as referenced elsewhere, every advance in time-saving technology has been a dual-edge sword. While the Super Brainbee has the means for promoting better democracy and capitalism, there is an evil side that will be in the power of the country most familiar with it.

While this offer is free to the U.S., there is a five million dollar fee to the other countries. In all cases, simple expenses must be covered (transportation, housing, and per diem).

To re-iterate, my primary concern is the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. If the U.S. does accept this offer then, with much regret and sadness, I must work with another power that understands the need and power of Timism and Super Brainbee which will require my relocating to the country accepting the offer of this gift in order to  optimize its incorporation into human decision-making.


Robert S. Barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225

P.S.P.S If you review my hacks of past , you will realize some people do not want my tools to come to public fruition. Most were in the late 1990's. Thereafter, I spent a lot of time and money developing procedures to avoid the time-loss and money-loss of hacks. But, a false sense of comfort was reversed in the mid-2000's when on a September 11 anniversary, all my computers connected to the internet "burned up" when I turned them on--all the CPU's were fried. Apparently someone over-clocked the CPU's and disabled to overheating safety loops. Cool, but sad. Thus, the Super Brainbee is a beauty queen that a yokel knows he cannot manage but wants to succeed in life. The N.S.A. is the best suitor for the tools for better democracy and capitalism.