Mother Nature Is Pissed!

Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, you all dies.

Mother Nature is God's accountant on earth and Global Dying is the Bankruptcy Judge. When it is said that a feather of sparrow does not fall without God's knowledge, it is Mother Nature who is doing the counting. We are being driven out of the Garden of Eden to our deaths for replacing the tree of wisdom with the weeds of igknowance. The US (2000-2008) has a president who brags about his igknowance, sauntering about with the confidence and bliss of igknowance.

Mother Nature is not igknowant. Mother Nature is now sinking life on earth from CO2 sinning by microbes and fires, the two most important tipping points.

  1. Microbes: The warming of the higher lattitudes and altitudes resulting in more CO2 production by soil microbes like yeast in bread or beer when the temperature reaches a certain point
  2. Forest Fires: As the acreage from forest fires increases, the amount of dessicating CO2 injected in the atmosphere increases. The year 2007 will have burned acreage twice the previous record! Each year the burned acreage globally will increase until there is less green, CO2-sequestering acreage than the amount burned the year before.

These are the two main reasons why this concluder predicts all life on earth will be dead by 2030. Ice will still be melting in a 125 degree climate but all flora and fauna will be long gone.

Sadly, the arsonists responsible for setting the house of humanity on fire are not even piss ants in putting out the fires.

Mother Nature's Attitude: Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, you all dies.

Whether you are a CO2-sinner from stupidity, naivete, igknowance or hypocrisy, Mother Nature does not care as she increasingly kills all human beings.

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