Dear Brenda,

First of all, I want to thank you for allowing me to share my travels with the associates of Baxter at the Harbour View office, especially with one of your subordinates, Cathy, my good friend and wife.

From the start, I intended to write a series of articles with the theme, "Around the world in 30 days." I will be contacting the New York Times next week as I finish the articles for them to consider. Another approach is for you--if you think appropriate and useful (as well as running it past Gilly)--to email the Richmond Times-Dispatch Lifestyle with a note containing the gist of the following:

An employee of ours has a husband who just completed a 30-day Amtrak Rail during which he traveled over 25,000 miles, or, as he said, "Around the World in 30 days on Amtrak." Almost every day he mailed a card with the trip date and trip mileage as well as travel jokes. I believe it would be a good story for your readership if a reporter stopped by to view the cards as well as interview the winner of the office pool who came closest in guessing his final mileage. We did not know he was trying, so to speak, to go around the world. Looking forward to a call and visit. (If you are not interested, please call so I can take the post cards down to give to the sender.)

I hope my postcards have added a little levity and esprit de corps to my wife's place of employment. The request of you to query the Times-Dispatch is but a small way in which I might make her chuckle a little more. I do think you could have a some special fun being interviewed by the newspaper. Why should Baxter be the only one getting some ink from the local rag? LOL--laughing out loud! Regardless, it would be positive PR for the practice. Good PR always contribute to more qualified applicants when you need them.

Regardless of your decision as you balance and prioritize your management responsibilities, I am in your debt. I have a special gift for you from my primary project which I worked on during the rail trip. When you receive it, it will be both a puzzle and an epiphany.

With warmest regards,

bob, Cathy's lesser half

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