What About Bob?

Cathy's husband, Bob, does 30-day Railes on Amtrak of which he just began another (April 10, 2007)--I get a lot of work done on the train when I am not distracted my a certain someone. I hope to finish up and begin uploading my website.

I intend to send Cathy a card each day that has a station stop. You can guess how many miles I will end up traveling. The winner gets lunch at Ukrops when I return to talk about anything that you want. Or, if enough people have questions, I will buy pizza for a in-office lunch like Cathy's pre-surgery lunch with a round-robin of questions. I will try to minimize my bad jokes.

Useful information for your guess:

  1. My shortest miles traveled in 30 days was 12,000.
  2. My longest miles traveled in 30 days was 25,000 (last fall, four trips across the US and two trips across Canada.)
  3. This trip will consist primarily of
    1. Richmond to L.A. via Chicago
    2. L.A. to Vancouver via San Francisco and Seattle
    3. Vancouver to Halifax
    4. Halifax to Toronto
    5. Toronto to Toledo to Chicago and Back to Toledo
    6. Toledo to San Antonio via Chicago and Dallas
    7. San Antonio to ??
    8. There will be side trips, e.g., Grand Canyon, Glenn Canyon, Niagara Falls and, maybe, Churchill, Manitoba--polar bear capital.

Please write in ink. No erasing or changing. Entries must entered April 20, 2007
Person's Name Mileage Guess Date ***** Person's Name Mileage Guess Date

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