Peace Of Mind

My number one goal is to maintain my peace of mind rather than slip into the existence of a chicken with his head cut off. Failure on the part of humanity to plan ahead does not constitute an emergency for me. What needs to be done will not be done without better democracy, capitalism and values

  1. for which not only tools have been provided to create the means which are also the means to saving life on earth
  2. but for which people can lead themselves to the successive levels for which this writer has prepared a subsequent level toward which people can organize and reward themselves within the perspective of the ManHeaven Project.

Some might say that it is selfish to prioritize one's peace of mind over a battle to save life on earth. This is not the same as being unwilling to die to save life on earth. Rather, it is a trinity of the Serenity Prayer, Desiderata and battlefield triage. The best way to solve a problem is to be clear of mind and clear of purpose not a chicken clear of head.

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