Dear Joint Chiefs of Staff:

You excerbate PTSD by your liberal allowance of stimulants to front-line troops for extended higher levels of alertness. Troops need to be told they will have more nightmares afterwards. I encourage you to not only read the PTSD websegment (listed below) but to appoint a doctor and a counselor to study this websegment on PTSD for at least two weeks to give you an informed, fuller opinion. I am available at no charge if they wish to visit me in Richmond, Virginia, for a multi-day review process.

Your $11 million "No Fear Drug" studies are a farce. If such a pill existed it would be akin to a girl taking a pill to blind undesirable males to her charms so she would not have to hassle with the rising hormones she stimulates. Or, a pill that kept kids from doing drugs. Likewise with the V.A.'s use of depressants: the downers only compound the conscious disconnect between artificially elevated alertness and unadulterated normal thinking.

Taking higher alertness pills would cause less PTSD if troops knew the hazzards if detailed in a pre-deployment review of stimulants akin to post-deployment seminars for combat decompression and depression. An information consent form should be required. Forewarned is forearmed.

The Veterans Administration superb counseling of veterans is reflected in the suicide rate among vets. I am proof that 9-5 pseudo-friends do not know how to help. In the end, V.A. employees work for their paycheck, not vets. (This is why patient reps should be replaced by volunteer vets--see my omnibus denial of V.A. malpractice. Double-dipping V.A. employees are taking jobs that unemployed or under-employed vets could fill so as to reduce the high jobless rate of vets.

As only someone who has been to war can understand the resulting mindset of a warrior, so only the vets suffering from PTSD can best help other vets. Toward this goal, I request a loan of one million dollars to create an on-line brainbee for vets rotating topics:

  1. short-stories,
  2. poems,
  3. songs, and
  4. encouragement.

As adults cannot find words to enlighten young people to self-destructive actions, so only veterans can be the 24-7 real buddy who leaves not one behind. And, if you do not help, eventually, if I live long enough, a programming team will be fielded from other financial sources.

Repayment of the loan will be per cash flow of Timism. Except for $50,000 to cover some of my debt, all loan monies will be used to employ a few progammers. It should not take more than a few months to have the PTSD brainbee up and running. Once active, you can use a copy as you want. Timism intends to use it as part of the Super Brainbee to export better democracy and capitalism as tools to reduce military correction of political incompetence. One use of brainbees is Citizen Legislation dedicated to a vet, my first friend, who foolishly immolated himself to protest the Iraq invasion.

While the programmers update the existing software (first proved out in 1989 on touchtone phones [programmed in BASIC]), you can have an active service member participate to ask questions on how it could be used by the Pentagon. I have a list of ways by which you can save money in getting summary information from even the lowest E-1's when they have an Einstein moment.

As a honorably discharged veteran who did not fully do his job, I have sought increasingly in my passing years to repay the military for what was the most pivotal experience in my life. I think I am right about PTSD aggravation and amelioration. I hope you agree and will help timism to create a vehicle by which vets can let off steam to survive and thrive.


Robert S. Barnett
A Vietnam Era Vet

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How the U.S. Military and VA Worsens PTSD

The understanding and treatment of PTSD suffers, in part, because the a gap between those who experience it and those who treat it. The former is lost in it while the latter has no personal experience. Quite often the relevancy of the latter seems like an essay on happy sex written by the Pope. Or, solutions to Main Street problems by 495-Beltway policians. Or, the white person who says he is not a racist but does not have the moist-eye, gut-wenching anger when reading or seeing racial discrimination. As a philospher once said, "One cannot solve the problem of hunger if one has never been hungry."

  1. Relevancy of this veteran
  2. Concepts: ROI>iCube>Dynamic Density
  3. Analogies and Self-Similarities
  4. Frustration: Diary of Mental and Physical Changes mirroring a combat veteran with PTSD.
  5. iCube: Integrity of intellect and intelligence
  6. Dynamic Density
  7. Rhythms of ROI
  8. ROI-Flips
  9. "Quantitative easing" needed by the V.A.
  10. PTSD Non-Metabolic Issues
    1. Middle-Class Military instead of draft ... priced out of market ... fewer dollars for vets
    2. Values and PTSD
  11. What can a Vet do?
  12. You are on your own


  1. Multiplier (Letter to V.A. Doctor Price March, 2014)

How the V.A. imposed de facto PTSD on me

The quality of this presentation would be better if this veteran had not had his VA medication benefit for narcolepsy canceled without notice in January, 2014. The non-treatment of narcolepsy imposed a de facto PTSD state--unable to stay wake, unable to sleep, unable to keep a train of thought, lower integration of mental content, lower motivation, worsening anger, mounting resentment, etc. Only one reason explains the cancelation, his complaining about a series of mistreatment by V.A. staffers and administrators culiminating in his being gulagized.

Notes (future elaboration when time allows):

  1. Problem-Solving Persistence: Time before quitting ... Who is better 10 minute or 10 hours
    1. iCube
      1. Natural:  Tired, chemicals (food & drugs[Man is merely a bag of chemicals... ), diseases, environment
      2. Nuture: Education, self-distraction, sports(self-enslavement, distraction, values, road to hell)
    2. ADHD ... Autism(looking in eyes is distractive, socializing is distractive) ...
    3. PTSD: iCube lowered, both nature and nurture
    4. Meterological Mentality
    5. What the V.A. did to me: Lowered my Problem-Solving Persistence
    6. Leaping Frogs ... Frustration level/duration